The Apex Legends gun range Easter egg was discovered, except not really
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It’s oh so close yet still far. When Respawn teased in their new dev stream last week about a new Apex Legends Easter egg hidden in the gun range, it set off a wild hunt for clues among the game’s active lore community. After all, how challenging could this new egg be to crack? Most of the game’s secrets are deliberately easy to find, and players have been accidentally stumbling onto them since day one.

Well, this one is different. So far nobody has been able to uncover the new Easter egg, and not for a lack of trying. For days, the game’s community has been tangling with the playfully vague clues Apex developers have given out so far. It seems like everything has been tried. At this point, players are entering a highly entertaining phase of obsessive speculation.

Apex Legends gun range easter egg theories

As the hunt goes on for a sixth day straight, it seems that the Apex Legends community may be nearing a solution. While the egg is still not found, community theorist FrozenFroh has found out what it most likely is. In the background of the gun range loading screen, two extra energy gun racks are visible. You can hop in the game and check it out right now — in the current public build of the game, there are only four gun racks there. The loading screen is most likely teasing one or two new weapons coming to Apex Legends in Season 4.

FrozenFroh posits that finding the Easter egg would allow players to wield the new hardware in advance. A large portion of the game’s community seems to agree with this theory, on Reddit at least. We are inclined to believe it as well. At the time of this writing, the gun range Easter egg is still at large. We sincerely hope a very dedicated player uncovers it soon, before a dataminer spoils the fun yet again or we all lose our minds.

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