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Dota 2 Battle Pass has arrived. You read that right! Every year, new gimmicks are released definitely giving players the ultimate bang for their buck. With each compendium being a lot better than the one before, it’s no surprise that there are new tricks this time around. So what exactly is new this year?


2016 Battle Pass is upping quests a notch by introducing the three-star tier system, three-star alternate styles and an all new unlockable quest path. We all know completing specific quests will reward us with battle points for raising our compendium level. What makes this year different is being able to choose which path of questing to take. Choosing a path will determine the quest objective. Each path will have three levels of difficulty and completing the highest level will reap the highest battle point reward. It also looks like Legion Commander is the star here. Players who reach level 225 will receive a special LC prestige item and a bonus quest path specific to her. If successful, players will receive a very rare enhancement to this already unique prestige item. Good luck!


Different from last year is the high roller bonus, where players will receive additional tokens per week for hitting specific battle pass levels. In addition, players who get this bonus will be able to bet up to 500 tokens per game! That means more tokens to be won for players who like to gamble on their odds.


No man is an island is the motto for this one. Apart from the individual quests, a series of “Community Quests” will be made available to ALL battle pass owners. Each battle pass owner will start off with three fireballs. For every player completing these quests, will f. When the bar is filled, owners will get three fireballs to drop for a chance to earn even more battle points.


Dota 2 is known to have the biggest prize pools in gaming history. A lot of that is owed to compendium owners. (You already know what that’s about) This year, the goal is to raise the bar even higher. If we surpass last year’s accumulated prize pool of $18,429,613, each battle pass owner will be given three chances to receive Arcana sets among other unique hero sets, couriers and special items.


This year you can try your hand at predicting how much this year’s prize pool is going to be. Guess it right and you’ll earn yourselves ten battle levels. Sweet!


This is my personal favorite. Battle pass owners will get to track their MMRs this season. Bottomline is, when you play 40+ games on The International ranked queue, you will have the option of replacing your old MMR with your new MMR. It’s a chance of a lifetime for the players in the low MMR swamp. How cool is that?


Also new this season is the ability to track the battle points you receive. Not sure where the extra battle points came from? This will let you keep things in check.

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