Tfue qualifies for Fortnite World Cup Final 2019
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Week 3 of the Fortnite World Cup 2019 is completed. After the second week of solo competition, 21 more players qualified for the Finals in New York City. Some of the most highly regarded players climbed up the leaderboards. In addition, a few players made a name for themselves. The most notable player to qualify was Turner “Tfue” Tenney, who came in first in the NA East region.

He had a very impressive performance altogether. While live streaming, Tfue dropped a 12-elimination game and finished with a win. Other pros who made noise were Trevor “Funk” Siegler, Harrison “Psalm” Chang, Domeniks “Domentos” Bunts, and Kang “Banny” Seong-Woo.

Show some love to the new guys

The most impressive performance that flew under the radar is Dominick “UnknownxArmy” Green, the first controller player to qualify for the Finals. UnknownxArmy finished with three wins and 31 total eliminations through nine matches. Another player to watch out for is “luKi tjk” – he finished the top of the EU region, which is arguably the most skilled in Fortnite.

Additionally, two more players to watch in the EU region are “Fledermoys” and “Tchub_,” both of whom qualified. Each week, there will be new players who make a name for themselves. It will be exciting to watch these new guys moving forward.

fortnite week 3 qualifiers leaderboard standings recap summary

Week 3 Standings

The players in bold have qualified for the Fortnite World Cup 2019 Finals in New York City, and those listed with an asterisk are already confirmed. The number of teams that qualified varies by region.

NA East

  1. Tfue
  2. Rise XXiF
  3. TTV UknownxArmy
  4. FaZe Funk
  5. NittleFN
  6. CLG psalm
  7. Dubs fn*
  8. MSF Clix
  9. Destroy
  10. Ghost Snood

NA West

  1. KNG EpikWhale
  2. stepbro karhu
  3. Liquid Cented
  4. Ghost Kayuun
  5. Bolt Jonny
  6. Bloom Falconer
  7. flx
  8. wefccwefw
  9. fright.
  10. AK Symetrical


  1. luKi tjk
  2. COOLER LeftEye
  3. Fledermoys
  4. Tchub_
  5. TTVCoreGamingg
  6. wakie.
  7. FACT lolb0om
  8. Secret_Domentos
  9. Atlantis Letshe
  10. S2V DiegoGB


  1. Cat taking walls
  2. Jynx .
  3. Link
  4. Lucid_FN
  5. JAM zoreh
  6. Jahlyn
  7. Predepression
  8. slaya
  9. Gheez
  10. Flexah_


  1. TOP_Banny
  3. CR.RizArt_o
  4. ちーお探してるとりです
  5. SV_peach.CN
  6. BobKun
  7. Meta Peterpan
  8. KGA SexyBoy
  9. Meta Hood.J
  10. Shin gwan


  1. ImLaser
  2. kurtz
  3. 9z Lagarto
  4. kingssj
  5. RED technoviking
  6. PLDS Propi
  7. 9z zEkØ
  8. TaizunBoy
  9. INTZ Faah
  10. FebasSZ

Check out the scoring system for the events here! 

Each week we’ll recap the players who qualified. Make sure to stay up to date with all your Fortnite news.