TFT Superbrawl details announced
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After the conclusion of the first event in the Teamfight Tactics Rising Legends season, the next event of the season was revealed. The previously announced TFT Superbrawl event had its details revealed following the live stream of the Golden Spatula Cup finals.

Although the new Double-Up game mode seemed like the likely form of play at the duos tournament, TFT Superbrawl will instead use normal mode instead. But, the tournament will still be a team-based event. Nine countries and regions inside Europe, the Middle East and Africa will send their two best players. Those teams of two will fight for the title of the EMEA’s best duo. The winners will earn a cash prize, as well as two tickets to the Rising Legends EMEA Finals for the winning duo.


To qualify for the event, each country and region inside EMEA will host a local tournament. Many of the local tournaments were announced at the same time at the time of the TFT Superbrawl announcement. France, Italy, Poland and Spain all had their local tournaments announced with details coming soon. The Russia & Commonwealth of Independent States region has already concluded their own tournament which makes the duo of “Fabulotus” and “Sacred Norris” the first two players to qualify for the nine-team event.

The four remaining tournaments for the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Eastern Europe, Turkey and United Kingdom/Nordic regions have yet to be announced.

Players who reside in each region will be able to sign up for their local event in teams.


The format for the actual TFT Superbrawl event is split into two stages. The nine qualifying teams will play in the nine-round Brawl Stage. In the Brawl Stage, each team will only play in eight games. Each team will sit out once to accommodate all nine regions at the event. The top four teams after the Brawl Stage will advance to the Finals.

In the Finals, the top four teams will play in six games. Where the top team after the six-game series will be crowned the TFT Superbrawl champions.

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