TFT Set 6 Little Legends include Duckbill, Gloop, Piximander
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Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos and Gadgets’ Little Legends have been officially revealed. In addition to the new Arcane river sprite, the new Dr. Shisa makes an appearance alongside three brand new little legends and the first wave of Chibi Champions. Here are all the details on the new little legends, and more, coming to TFT Set 6.

TFT Set 6 little legends

Arcane Sprite

Arcane Sprite
Arcane River Spire will most likely be given to players who buy the battle pass. | Provided by Riot Games

The first of the new TFT Set 6 little legends. The original player avatar gets an electric version this time around. It does look very similar to its normal version.

Dr. Shisa

Dr.Shisa is one of the battle pass rewards. | Provided by Riot Games

A brand new Shisa, a recurring little legend, appears as one of the main characters of TFT Set 6. The sophisticated look is a far cry from Shisa’s shonen battle cry it could do in its original form.


TFT set 6 little legend
Duckbill also has purple, pink, red, bee, hextech and chemtech variations. | Provided by Riot Games

Yep, you guessed it. Duckbill is a duck, and it starts off as a literal sitting duck in its one-star form. But as players level them up, they become start their path toward innovation by donning a bomber hat. At level three, they can be seen flying around with a helicopter-like invention.


TFT Set 6 little legends gloop
Gloop also has a bee, blue, cake, lava, pink, red and purple variations. | Provided by Riot Games

Gloop is like a big pile of well… goop. In their one-star form, he appears to be lying down on a book, sleeping and drooling. Byt Gloop wakes up in its two-star form and the book has transformed into a cushion. In Gloop’s three-star form, it looks wide awake and flies around with what appears to be a remote control.


TFT Set 6 little legends piximander
Piximander also comes in bee, black, blue, cow, fruit, grey, and zaun variations. | Provided by Riot Games

This axolotl looking creature might end up the fan-favorite of the bunch. In Piximander’s first form, it just stares at you with its tongue hanging out. The two-star version evolves a more axolotl like appearance and gets bigger. In its three-star form, it starts to float alongside a big orb that it controls, though the tongue is out once again.

Chibi Champions

Along with the TFT Set 6 little legends, there are new avatar choices in the form of Chibi Champions. To keep up with the Arcane theme, these three champions focus on some of the more prominent champions in the Piltover region.

Here is a look at preview videos for each champion showing off their emotes, booms, and taunts.




Chibi Champions won’t come in eggs. Instead, players will purchase them straight up through the store. Dr. Shisa and Arcane Sprite will be battle pass rewards. The TFT Set 6 Little Legends will come in eggs as usual.

Players will get a chance to purchase these new cosmetics when TFT Set 6 hits the live servers in Patch 11.22.

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