TFT Reckoning Championship - All the details and where to watch
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The third Teamfight Tactics World Championship is upon us. The TFT Championship will put a final stamp on the TFT: Reckoning season. The 20 best players from around the world have spent the last few months playing through regional qualifiers to get to this point. They will be rewarded with a shot at a $250,000 prize pool but more importantly, a chance to be crowned the best TFT player in the world. The event spans across four days from Oct. 1 through Oct. 4. Here’s a breakdown of everything going on at the tournament.

TFT Reckoning Championship format

On day one, the bottom eight seeds will face off in the play-ins. These eight players will play in one lobby for a total of five games. At the end of the game five, the top four players will move onto the group stage, with the bottom four being eliminated.

The remaining 16 players will then be split into two random groups of eight. Each group of eight will play five games against each other. These lobbies will be pre-set and will not shift through play. This means that there is no modified swiss-format at this season’s championship. These two groups will split play over two days, with Group A playing their five games on day two and Group B playing theirs on day three. The top four players from each group will move on to the finals.

On day four, the final eight players will face off, with points reset. Instead of a set number of games needing to be played in the finals, the TFT Reckoning Championship will be using the “checkmate” format. In this format, players will accumulate points through placements as normal, but once they hit a certain threshold, they will be put in “check.” Once a player is in check, the next time they win a game, they will achieve checkmate and be crowned the victor.


20 players from around the world have earnt their chance to be the next TFT world champion. Here is a breakdown of who is playing from each region, as well as who will be playing at the play-in stage.

Play-in participants

  • Nukomaru (JP)
  • Escha (OCE)
  • TA Smbappe (LATAM)
  • INC Mplete (BR)
  • Zenia (KR)
  • SpencerTFT (NA)
  • DV1 Shircane (EU)
  • Luili (CN)

Group-Stage participants

  • TL Robinsongz (NA)
  • DeliciousMilkGG (NA)
  • Eusouolucas (BR)
  • GPB El Tomo (LATAM)
  • Woojung (KR)
  • Ddudu (KR)
  • Gluteus Maximus (EU)
  • Skipaues (EU)
  • TMS Ackk (EU)
  • Zixingche (CN)
  • Huanmie (CN)
  • qituX (CN)

Schedule and where to watch

The TFT Reckoning Championship action kicks off on Friday, Oct. 1. The event will broadcast live on Twitch each day. The four day tournament will start with the play-in stage on day one. Saturday, Oct. 2 will feature Group A, while Sunday, Oct. 3 will feature Group B. The finals will take place on Monday, Oct.4. Each day’s action begins at the same time, 2 a.m. PST.

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