TFT Patch 12.21 breakdown: The Championship patch
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With only two patches left in the Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands life cycle, We have finally reached the championship patch. TFT Patch 12.21 will be the patch that the TFT Dragonlands Championship will be played on. As a result, the changes in this patch are smaller than usual but with that said, there are still things players should be aware of before they jump into games when the patch goes live on Wednesday, November 2.


There’s only one big trait change in the new TFT Patch 12.21 — the Cannoneers. With the trait lacking late-game viability, the four and six-unit intervals are getting a power boost. The four-unit interval will now have 300% cannon shot damage up from 275% while the six interval will now have 500% up from 450%.


As for large champion changes in TFT Patch 12.21, there are only two. Both of the changes target Tier three changes. Up first is Nomsy. Everyone is aware of Nomsy’s power as a mage and perhaps Cannoneer but for Evoker, Nomsy is lacking. To buff this the change isnt actually targeted at Nomsy, but at Lulu. In Patch 12.21, the Lulu that is spawned off of Nomsy will now target three champions instead of two.

The other change is for Nunu. After Dragonmancer Nunu was the best comp in the game, Nunu was gutted as a way to put a stop to the oppressive metagame he created. But with the current environment making Nunu extremely weak, some of the power is coming back. Nunu will do more spell damage at the two and three-star intervals and his spell threshold amplifier is at 50% instead of 40%.

Augments and Items

The most changes in this patch are actually coming in the form of Radiant item changes. Seven Radiant items are getting buffed and nerfed heading into TFT Patch 12.21. On the list of buffs include Radiant Last Whisper which is getting 10% more bonus attack speed, Radiant Quicksilver is also getting 10% bonus attack speed, Radiant Redemption is getting 4% extra healing and Radiant Statikk Shiv is getting 20% bonus attack speed.

For nerfs, Radiant Sunfire Cape will be getting a 100 HP nerf, Radiant Runaan’s Hurricane is getting a 10% damage reduction on it’s bolts, and Radiant Protector’s Vow is getting two nefs the first to its shield duration which is down a second and the second to it’s armor and magic resist which are being reduced by five each.

Rounding out the changes, Built Different is getting buffed across all three ranks, Preparation is getting nerfed at all three ranks, Cluttered Mind is getting nerfed to only grant two additional units instead of three and Protector of the Cosmos is getting a five shield buff.

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