TFT Patch 12.2 Day 1 meta: The top five comps to play
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Patch day is here for Teamfight Tactics, and 12.2 brought some massive changes. Big changes always mean it’s time to switch up those go to comps, and figuring what to play is in the numbers thanks to aggregate data sites like

Here are the top five best performing compositions according to, with explanations on why they are good compositions to climb in the early days of the patch.

Imperial Challengers

Talon and Samira are the main carries in this comp. | Provided by team builder

Imperials were already the highest rising comp in the 12.1 meta, and after not receiving any significant nerfs, they found an early place on top of the throne so far in 12.2. This iteration of the comp utilizes Samira as the main carry and plays a supporting cast of Challenger champions to help her to pop off. There is always the classic Talon secondary carry, but this comp opens up other options like Fiora, who  can just carry the game by herself if players can put an Imperial Emblem on her.


Seraphine and Heimerdinger are the main carries in this comp. | Provided by team builder

Another round of Heimerdinger buffs has made Innovators a popular comp in the early TFT Patch 12.2 meta. Players are still slamming Chalice of Power even though it has been nerfed, but the stars of the show are Seraphine and Heimerdinger. Both can dish out a lot of damage while the supporting cast soaks up damage, heals and provides crowd control.


Lux and Vex are the main carries in this comp. | Provided by team builder

The Arcanist trait has proven to be a good composition for patch day due to how simple it is to play and how easy it is to punish sub-optimal boards. While other players are figuring out how their new comp works and the proper positioning, Lux just one-shots everything anyway. The comp is bound to lose its power later on, but go for it on Day 1.


Yone and Lux are the main carries in this comp. | Provided by team builder

If Imperial Challengers isn’t up your alley then maybe try Academy Challengers. Players only use two challengers in this comp, but use the classic Yone carry strategy shines through. But now, instead of relying on the attack speed from the Challenger trait, Yone banks on the raw damage he gains by going deep into the Academy trait. So far this comp seems to be working well with a duo-carry of Yone and Lux.

Protector Mutant

Kassadin and Kog’Maw are the main carries in this comp. | Provided by team builder

Finally, there is good ol’ Protector Mutant. After flip-flopping in and out of the meta, the reroll protector comp finds itself on the TFT Patch 12.2 Day 1 top five again due to how easy and simple the comp is to play.

Players are often trying to do too much in the early days of new patches in an effort to find the next best comp. But, when it comes to Day 1 metas, the comps that are strong and easy reign supreme. There are no new changes to how this comp is played. Just simply reroll for a strong frontline and use Kog’Maw as the primary DPS.

ASU alum with a B.A in Sports Journalism, Warren is one of the premier TFT Journalists in the scene and is a decent TFT player as well who has peaked Challenger and has had multiple accounts in Master+ over all sets. Warren also specializes in other esports content including League of Legends, Valorant, Smash Bros, and more.