TFT Patch 11.19 features major Draven rework
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Teamfight Tactics Patch 11.19 will be the third to last patch of the TFT Reckoning season, but it may be the most important patch of the set. That’s because this patch will be used for the TFT Reckoning Championship. Because of that, the patch doesn’t contain a huge number of changes, but it does bring some pretty important ones. Here’s a breakdown of the key changes players should be aware of in TFT Patch 11.19.

Draven rework shreds armor

In a set that has been dominated by numerous attack damage carries, Draven has consistently come up short. At times, Lucian, Aphelios and Jax have been the best four-cost carries in TFT, but never Draven. Draven’s ability makes it hard to keep him safe — since he needs to walk up to catch axes — so most of the time he needs either risky placement on the board or an item like Rapidfire Cannon to give him extra range. He also needs raw damage upfront, which usually comes in the form of Infinity Edge or Giantslayer. But, to make him effective like the other carries, Draven also needs an item like Runnans Hurricane.

The problem is that Draven needs more than three items, because none of his damage matters unless he can shred the frontline. The only way to do that is by building Last Whisper, which limits his build path.

In patch 11.19, Draven is getting a rework. He now has a new passive that states that Draven now ignores 50% of his target’s armor, which gives him a built-in Last Whisper. This should open up better build paths and let Draven reach his potential of being a top-tier carry. But despite his drawbacks, Draven has been quietly emerging as a solid carry choice. To prevent these new changes from making Draven unbearable to play against, Draven is also getting his stats nerfed. Overall, these changes are still a massive buff though.

Zz’Rot Portal counters now counter assassins

Ever since Set 1, Assassins have been an absolute pain to play around with. The backline jumping glass cannons have created a mini-game puzzle within TFT, as players have tried all sorts of ways to prevent enemy carry assassins from just killing their carries at the start of a fight. Players have tried numerous measures such as creating a circle around their carries, putting every unit on the backline and even putting their carries on the front line, risking playing against a normal opponent. But in Patch 11.19, there will now be a better way to deal with Assassins.

Zz’Rot Portal, in theory, should take care of Assassins as it taunts everyone nearby at the start of combat, but due to how Assassins function, it misses the timing. But in Patch 11.19, changes are coming to the item that will make it function as an Assassin counter. In patch 11.19, the Zz’Rot Portal is getting a taunt hex radius increase.

This means that enemies within a four hex radius will attack the wearer, which is a huge increase from the two hex radius it had before. However, there is a catch. Normally when the Zz’Rot Portal taunts enemies, any unit within the hex radius will target the unit no matter what. If the taunted units are out of range, they will walk within range to attack. That is no longer the case. If a unit that is taunted is not in attack range, they will ignore the taunt.

But, the second change is even more impactful. Zz’Rot will now state that it will taunt Assassins if placed well, so putting the wearer on the backline will now prevent the enemy from killing a player’s carries immediately. This will buy them the time needed to clean up the Assassins.

Tristana rework keeps her safe, but it’s a double-edged sword

At times in TFT: Reckoning, Tristana has been an absolute menace to deal with. When she has been meta, she’s been downright oppressive. This is because on her first ability activation she would act as a mini Assassin, jumping behind the enemy carry and killing them. This has made her the most potent backline carry in the game, ability-wise. But as of late, she has not been prevalent in the meta. Developer Riot Games says it’s due to her being hard to balance around, which isn’t a surprise. To get her to a state where Riot is okay balancing around her, they are first experimenting with a rework.

In Patch 11.19, Tristana will no longer jump behind the furthest enemy unit. Instead, she will jump to the safest place on the board. This will eliminate the assassination of enemy units and trade it for more survivability. She will also have only four hexes of range, which is down from five. To compensate, Tristana will receive a small attack damage buff and starting mana buff.

TFT patch 11.19 goes live on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

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