TFT: How to make the Hyper Roll Celestial team
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With each new Teamfight Tactics (TFT) patch comes an influx of new, powerful team compositions. One of the latest uses the synergy between Celestial, Blademaster, Sniper, and Chrono units. Players commonly refer to this team as Hyper Roll Celestials due to the strategy involved in building the team.

What is Hyper Rolling in TFT?

Hyper Rolling is a strategy in TFT that involves using gold early to refresh (or “reroll”) the purchasable Champions. Hyper Rolling early for cheap Champions allows you to get three-star Champions early and snowball the game. As such, a Hyper Roll team will use a lot of common units.

The strategy for this team composition, then, should be to reroll for three-star units early and often. If you manage to get the units you need, you should be able to snowball the game and ensure a top spot.

The Champions

The Hyper Roll Celestial team in TFT aims to get four three-star units that all cost one gold. Here’s who you should try to get:

  • Xayah (Celestial/Blademaster)
  • Rakan (Celestial/Protector)
  • Ashe (Celestial/Sniper)
  • Kassadin (Celestial/Mana-Reaver)
  • Caitlyn (Chrono/Sniper)
  • Shen (Chrono/Blademaster)
  • Fiora (Cybernetic/Blademaster)
  • Jarvan IV (Dark Star/Protector)

Here are some other viable options:

  •  Xin Zhao (Celestial/Protector)
  • Irelia (Cybernetic/Mana-Reaver/Blademaster)
  • Lulu (Celestial/Mystic)

Hyper Roll Celestials Fiora


For this TFT comp, your main sources of damage are going to be your three-star Xayah and Fiora. You should try to build Attack Damage and Attack Speed items for Xayah. Guardian Angel, Last Whisper, Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, and Rapid Firecannon are all decent options. Meanwhile, Fiora works well with Thief’s Gloves because she scales with almost every stat. It can also pay to give Rakan a Morellonomicon or mana items due to how well they work with his ability.

Remember when playing this team to keep your snipers in the back corners and Xayah in the back center. The rest of the team should be in the front. Don’t build this team if you don’t get a lot of the necessary units early – otherwise, you will fall off and lose quickly. TFT is all about making the right choices, so be adaptable and know when to make changes!

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