TFT 12.2 B-Patch addresses Swain and Talon
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After a hectic weekend of Teamfight Tactics action at the TFT Zaun Cup, a lot of things seemed too good to keep in the current meta. On Monday TFT lead designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer gave players a heads up on Twitter saying that they can expect a B-patch this week to fix some of the more overpowered champions and compositions in the meta. Late in the day, the official TFT Twitter posted a tweet of the changes coming and the release date. The TFT 12.2 B-Patch is going live at 2 p.m. EST on Tuesday.

Portable Forge is the only augment change

Riot Games made a bold move heading into Patch 12.2 as the developer announced that the former Prismatic augment, Portable Forge, was being downgraded to a Gold augment. To accompany the massive buff with players getting their hands on a powerful item at just the gold augment level, Riot preemptively nerfed a few of the different possible items. However, the nerfs have not been enough. In the TFT B-Patch 12.2, Infinity Force, Death’s Defiance and Gold Collector will all receive additional nerfs.

Swain, Talon and Cho’Gath nerfed

At the TFT Zaun Cup, one of the most powerful compositions revolved around the reroll duo of Swain and Talon. Many viral clips of Swain’s ridiculous damage have made the rounds on social media, which prompted a huge shift in the meta. Alongside Swain, there is Talon who has been on the rise in the current metagame even back in Patch 12.1. Talon and Swain will receive nerfs to pay for their crimes against the metagame. Swain is getting a spell damage nerf at two-star and three-star. Talon is also getting the same treatment but across all star levels. RapidFire Cannon, Talon’s premier item of choice is also getting nerfed.

And then there is Cho’Gath. Cho’Gath has been difficult to balance in TFT ever since his buff in Patch 11.24. The round of nerfs this time for Cho’Gath hit his armor and magic resist, as well as his attack speed.

Imperial rounds out the TFT 12.2 B-Patch changes

It wouldn’t make sense to nerf Talon and Swain without hitting the culprit of the problem, the Imperial trait. Imperial received some huge buffs recently and it proved to be too good to leave them be. In the TFT B-Patch 12.2 the Imperial trait is seeing the Tyrant damage amplifier nerfed from 80/150% at three and five Imperial to 75/135%. On top of that, the base Imperial damage at the five Imperial interval is being nerfed from 80% to 75%.

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