TFT 12.13 Tier List: Tempest at the top (again)
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The Teamfight Tactics patch is in the second and final week of its cycle; with hundreds of thousands of games played at high ranks, sites like have the raw data to help guide players on their ranked journey. However, data can be hard to understand — we at Upcomer have crunched the numbers to give players a real look at the current meta game, plus explanations as to why comps are doing as well as they are. The criteria for the ranking states that comps need above a .25 pick rate, as comps below that threshold are not played enough to have sufficient data. The average placement is subtracted by the pick rate, in order to give fair weight to comps that are picked more than others but still have an average placement. Without further ado, here is this week’s TFT 12.13 tier list.

TFT Dragonlands Tier List 12.13 Patch 12.13
This week’s list features one comp way above the rest. | Provided by Warren Younger/Tiermaker.

Tempest Mage

Sylas is a crazy tank and Ao Shin is the strongest champion in the game with the right items and frontline. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Average placement: 3.46/pick rate: 0.65/Score 2.81

Tempest Mage continues to be the best performing comp in the game. However, unlike in previous patches the comp in TFT Patch 12.13 has seen a very big uptick in play rate, and it’s actually made the comp’s average placement go even lower. The comp is the best in the game, due to the incredible amount of stall potential the supporting cast have. Nearly every champion in the comp has some sort of CC to allow ample time for Ao Shin to ramp up; once he casts, the round is probably over. This comp can be hard to hit though; it is very expensive, so make sure you have the gold for it.


Assassin Olaf is still a meta threat even with major nerfs. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Average placement: 4.09/pick rate: 0.46/Score 3.63

Even through various nerfs, the Olaf and Diana combo still remains a top tier meta threat. Backline access is huge in this patch with many of the Dragons having been nerfed; this means that players are back to carrying with backline champions, which this comp destroys. It’s a fantastic meta call, and with Talon also providing even more damage, the comp just shreds through anyone.


The Xayah and Talon duo are still strong in TFT Patch 12.13. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Average placement: 4.5/pick rate: 0.84/Score 3.66

Speaking of backline carries, the Xayah and Talon led Guild Ragewing comp still clocks in at third in this week’s tier list. Similar to Ao Shin, a Xayah that ramps up is near impossible to beat and her burst damage out of nowhere is very hard to deal with. Better yet, Talon is the perfect secondary carry to clean up any low health champions Xayah leaves up.

Elise Whispers

Elise and Sy’fen are dual threat carries in this comp. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Average placement: 4.39/pick rate: 0.57/Score 3.82

Just because Sy’fen is in a nerfed state doesn’t mean a comp with Sy’fen in it won’t do well — the comp is almost the same as last patch when Sy’fen was the primary carry. Players are still playing six Whispers but the main carry has changed. It was just a matter of time before Elise started to take over. The consensus is that the best build isn’t one that looks to one shot every champion, but instead utilizes the Whisper trait to the fullest by attacking champions really fast. However, once overtime hits, Elise will one shot everyone anyways.


TFT 12.13 Varus
Varus is the main carry with Illaoi being the main tank, but dont be afraid to throw items on Nami. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Average placement: 4.14/pick rate: 0.27/Score 3.87

The villain of the first day of the patch is still around; just not nearly as oppressive. Reroll Nami is hanging around the fifth spot of this week’s tier list. Even with the reverted buffs, Nami is still an incredibly powerful support champion — plus, since she’s an Astral champion, combining her with Varus and Illaoi will create a devastating three champion core.




ASU alum with a B.A in Sports Journalism, Warren is one of the premier TFT Journalists in the scene and is a decent TFT player as well who has peaked Challenger and has had multiple accounts in Master+ over all sets. Warren also specializes in other esports content including League of Legends, Valorant, Smash Bros, and more.