TFT 11.16 B-Patch nerfs Hellion composition, along with others
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After the TFT Reckoning EU Qualifiers, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer and the rest of the live team decided that even though there is composition diversity in the meta, one comp, in particular, poses an immediate problem, which they plan to address with the TFT 11.16 B-Patch.

The so-called “Rats” composition, otherwise known as Hellion reroll, won the final lobby at the Reckoning EU Qualifiers. The Tristana focused composition relies on Lulu and Kennen to play the supporting roles while Tristana jumps around the map killing every unit she sees. Mortdog announced the B-Patch a couple of days ago and at the time of the publishing of this article, the B-Patch has gone live. Here are the specific changes.

TFT 11.16 B-Patch Tristana Nerfs

Tristana has received a trio of nerfs to put the two-cost Hellion in check. The first is a 5 AD nerf. This puts her Attack Damage at 60 base instead of 65. Her attack speed is also getting a nerf from .80 base to .75. Finally, she is getting a starting mana reduction from 75 to 50.

These changes will make Tristana weaker without optimal items.  The starting mana nerf will require a couple of extra auto attacks to start her fist cast, giving other players a chance to kill her or her front line before she makes her initial jump.

TFT 11.16 B-Patch Lulu Nerfs

Lulu is also receiving a trio of nerfs. The first is to her maximum mana. Her mana cost is now 120 instead of 100. However, to offset the increase a little, her starting mana is going from 40 to 60, which makes her first cast unaffected by the nerf. But every cast outside the first will require two extra auto attacks. Her Whimsy enchanted targets are also getting nerfed at three-star. Getting Lulu to three-star was so potent because it made her ability cast on six different targets which were up from four at two-star. Riot is changing this by making three-star Lulu cast on five targets instead. Finally, the polymorph duration will be a flat 1.5 seconds across all ranks instead of two and two and a half at two and three stars respectively.

These nerfs will put Lulu in a weaker spot. Instead of auto-winning lobbies once a player hits Lulu three-star, other players will have a fighting chance. Thanks to these changes, Lulu will have to work harder to cast multiple times in a fight, and when she does cast, it won’t hit as many enemy units or stun them for as long.

This B-Patch went live at 1 pm PST on Wednesday, August 18. Patch 11.17 will address more problem comps, that patch is expected to go live next week.

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