TeSPA announces Collegiate StarCraft II tournaments for Fall 2018
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Yesterday, TeSPA announced on Reddit that they will be holding two tournaments open to any collegiate StarCraft II players. TeSPA will hold a traditional 1v1 tournament in addition to a team-based tournament. Both tournaments will be eight weeks long and start September 29th, ending with playoffs for both tournaments over two separate weekends in early December. Winners will receive scholarship money and other cool prizes, such as mechanical keyboards.

You might be saying “I’ve barely achieved Gold ranking on the StarCraft II ladder, surely this tournament doesn’t apply to me.” But you’re wrong! TeSPA is aspiring for this event to be open to players of all skill levels, not just the Grandmasters. TeSPA states, “We want all players to be able to enjoy this tournament. This is why we have spent the time to revamp the ELO system we use to help facilitate more evenly skilled matches. After the first few weeks, players should find themselves playing opponents of equal strength.” The tournaments also aim to be very flexible; students are quite busy, after all. Players are allowed to reschedule matches as long their opponent agrees to the new date.

For more information, check out TeSPA’s website or hop into their Discord server and introduce yourself!

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