TenZ re-signs with Sentinels for VCT 2023
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After many discussions, Canadian star duelist Tyson “TenZ” Ngo has re-signed with Sentinels for the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023, filling out more of their new franchised roster. T

his comes soon after the signing of Zachary “zekken” Patrone, now confirming their second roster player for their 2023 season. Along with other reports on the two LOUD players set to join the team, the full roster is starting to come into view. However, the star that helped lead them to a Masters title in 2021 is remaining with the squad.

TenZ’s path to Sentinels in 2023

When the VCT began in 2021, Sentinels originally didn’t have TenZ. Their original star duelist was former Overwatch League MVP and champion Jay “sinatraa” Won.

Yet after the first couple of tournaments ended, allegations of sexual abuse were revealed involving sinatraa. He was suspended from the league for six months, leaving a big hole in the Sentinels roster. The team decided to take Cloud9 star duelist TenZ on loan. Even with the quick roster change, the team performed just as well, if not better with TenZ on their team.

After reigning supreme in North America, the team went to the VCT 2021 Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavík with their new duelist. Showing off his skills on his signature hero Jett, he helped Sentinels stomp the competition to win it all. While the 2021 season ended rather abruptly for Sentinels, they signed TenZ to their roster for their future.

Heading into 2022 with the same roster that led to success in 2021, the competition in their region grew. The team hit a wall, unable to reach either Masters event in 2022, falling in their region’s Last Chance Qualifiers and missing out on Champions.

Sentinels’ future

When Riot Games revealed that 2023 would be a franchised league, Sentinels’ viewership and popularity led them to be an easy pick as an organization. However, the roster that helped win them their international title was hardly there. For that LCQ, only three of the original five Sentinels players were on the roster, and it was clear that the team would change significantly for 2023.

After a lot of rumors and internal discussion, the biggest question is if TenZ would remain with Sentinels for 2023. While the full roster isn’t complete, their star player that helped lead the organization to the title is back. As of right now, here is the Sentinels roster, including confirmed reports. As per league rules, the team will have to sign a sixth player as a substitute.

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