Tencent's TFT spin-off Battle of Golden Spatula introduces new modes
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A few weeks ago, Tencent announced that the company would be releasing a new Teamfight Tactics mobile game for their Chinese audience. Battle of Golden Spatula was originally teased to have new game modes including what appeared to be a classic iteration of TFT and even a Duo mode. Now that the game has officially released, the new game modes have been revealed. Here is an in-depth look at what the new game modes are.

Set 1/Classic

Battle for the Golden Spatula
A nostalgic composition from the first set of TFT, Ranger Knights, is playable in the “new” set one mode in the Chinese mobile game, Battle of Golden Spatula. | Provided by Tencent

The classic TFT experience is here in full force. Players can queue up in that mode in both normal and ranked. This mode uses the same traits and units that players who played TFT during the first set would be familiar with. Classic units like the five-cost Noble Knight Kayle and the infamous Imperial Blademaster Draven are present along with every single other unit. But the mode does have a twist.

No description available.
The Set 1 game mode features a special drop on Stage 4-2 that gives all players an extra boost, and even old-school items. | Provided by Tencent

All the items in the game are the same items players would find from the current TFT: Reckoning set. Except for Titanic Hydra, players who combine a belt and a bow will get a Zz’rot Portal instead. However, there is a way to get some of the old items. In this version of Set 1, there is a drop that everyone gets on Stage 4-2. This drop is similar to the lucky lanterns that existed in TFT: Fates. In these loot orbs, classic completed items can appear along with a few other different things like additional gold and consumables like reforgers.

One other interesting difference is the inclusion of Wukong. Wukong is a four-cost Noble, Wild, Brawler but it appears there are no units that were taken out to replace him.


Battle for the Golden Spatula
A look at the Puzzle mode screen. There are three different puzzles a week. | Provided by Tencent

One of the more pleasant surprises in Battle of Golden Spatula is the existence of Puzzles mode. Similar to other puzzle modes in strategy games, in this mode players are given a board state with a set amount of units and item components. The goal is to find the best combination of items and board placement to win the round. Players are awarded in-game currency for completing these puzzles and they appear on a weekly rotation.

No description available.
In Puzzle mode, players are given a board that they have to solve with the use of item components and unit positioning. | Provided by Tencent

Set 5 and Set 5 Hyperoll

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The TFT: Reckoning set is also a mode in this game. It’s even up to date on the current patch. | Provided by Tencent.

Alongside the classic TFT mode, the current TFT: Reckoning set is also available to play in both normal and ranked queues. This mode should be familiar to everyone who has played TFT during the current set. One interesting thing to note about this mode is that the current patch is live, meaning the game is up to date balance-wise.

No description available.
Hyperoll is another mode in the game just like in the Riot Games official version. | Provided by Tencent.

The new game mode introduced in Set 5, Hyperoll, is also in the game too. The mechanics of this mode are similar to the current model that is in the League of Legends client.

Duo’s mode/2v2v2v2 mode

No description available.
Not much is known about this 2v2v2v2 mode except that its only available for a few hours each day. | Provided Tencent

Perhaps the most exciting mode that was teased during the initial reveal was the Duo mode, or 2v2v2v2 mode.  This mode is in Battle of Golden Spatula but is not available most of the time. It appears the mode is only available for around five hours each day. Not much is known about this mode but stay tuned to Upcomer for more details as they become available.

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