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Fortnite pro player Zykoma rocked the pro community today with a tweet that outed a teammate as a cheater. Zykoma said that he and another teammate discovered only yesterday that their third man was “using hacks without our knowledge.”

“So yesterday, @BuckteeFN (part of my trio) found that our third member, @bmanFN, was secretly using hacks without our knowledge,” the Team Serenity player tweeted. “I’m posting this to show how easily these hacks are accessible and can go multiple tournaments undetected.”

Zykoma specifically mentions the Bugha Cup because bman is about to play in the Bugha Cup Finals. He claims he only reached the finals because of his hacking.

As you can see from Zykoma’s tweet above, he captured a screenshot from Discord that appears to show bman admitting he was cheating, yet bman called it a mistake. That’s always a fun excuse for actively using a hack and for cheating in a tournament.

The Fortnite community and pro reaction

Naturally, these tweets have caused an uproar in the Fortnite community, as evidenced by previous situations of cheating. Many are calling for bman’s head and demanding that Epic Games step up to do more to prevent cheating. Most notably, Fortnite pros are starting to question the legitimacy of their fellow colleagues’ techniques.

One pro was NRG’s Benjyfishy, who wondered aloud how many other pros were cheating without others’ knowledge.

Whether you think Benjyfishy is blowing things out of proportion or not, the fact remains that bman has been competing for thousands of dollars all while blatantly cheating. It’s clearly a problem Epic Games will have to sort out sooner than later. If only this was something as easy to detect as steroid-usage in pro athletes.