Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16B breakdown: changes to Brawlers, Jinx, Kayle, and more
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It’s Wednesday, and that could only mean one thing: a new Teamfight Tactics patch. Read on for our full breakdown of all the changes coming to the game with patch 9.16B!

Draven and Jinx nerfs

Champions Draven and Jinx are catching some significant nerfs, with Draven receiving his across his baseline health and damage. Draven isn’t as dominant as before the introduction of Hextech, but he is still a little too easy to use. For her part, Jinx has been a high-value pick since she entered the arena with last week’s patch. Consequently, Riot is reducing the effectiveness of her ability.

The only synergy tweak this time goes to Brawlers. Riot has once again toned down their durability, with a bonus health reduction of around 15 percent at 1- and 2- star levels. 3-star Brawlers only lose 10 percent of their buff, getting 900 extra health instead of 1000.

Jinx Patch 9.16B Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16B is also nerfing Kayle’s shield. The champion has been very problematic in the recent meta, as players discovered they can render him invulnerable by stacking items on him that reduce Divine Judgement’s cooldown. Today’s patch is reducing the duration of Kayle’s shield by 25 percent at the 3-star level, although his baseline version is just as strong as before.

Champions Vi and Lucian are also receiving some nerfs. Luden’s Echo is the only item changed in this patch, with its spell damage effect reduced from 200 to 180.

1000 mana Gnar?

The most shocking nerf of this patch would have been a typo in Gnar’s patch notes, announcing that it would take the Missing Link roughly 8 times longer to transform. Thankfully, the typo was discovered before the notes went live. Gnar’s only balance change this time around is a hefty increase to his autoattack damage when transformed.

Gnar tft teamfight tactics

This Teamfight Tactics patch will see Miss Fortune and Aatrox get their abilities tweaked slightly to give them more power at certain levels. Meanwhile, Anivia, Shen, and Morgana are getting some improvements to their durability in the form or health or armor buffs. Morgana is receiving her buff at the cost of some spell damage reductions to her ability.

The patch notes also state that a really crucial matchmaking bug has been fixed. After patch 9.16, players were not supposed to get matched against the same opponent in consecutive rounds. However this was not only happening, but it seemed to be happening more often than before, resulting in more snowball wins. Today’s patch should address the issue.

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