Teamfight Tactics patch 9.15 breakdown: Streaks and class buffs
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Teamfight Tactics has big changes in store for patch 9.15. Many classes and origins are seeing changes, and certain core mechanics are being tweaked as well.

Core gameplay changes

Win and loss streak bonuses now take effect on the second, fourth, and seventh win or loss in a row. This change is a buff from the previous second, fifth, and eighth streak because it puts more weight on managing streaks. Since you get rewarded earlier in your streak, you might want to think twice about hyper rolling for your next unit upgrade.

Player damage has also been changed and lowered for most units. Elise’s Spiderlings and Ivern’s Daisy now only deal one damage at the end of each round. In addition, six other combinations of units now deal one less damage. This chart from sums up the new damage breakdown.

teamfight tactics 9.15 patch notes breakdown buffs nerfs damage chart

The number of units available at the carousel stage is also being changed. Instead of having 10 units to choose from, the number will be reduced to only nine. This means only one unit will remain if all players are still alive. The patch notes didn’t specify what tier unit would be removed, however.

New class breakpoints

With the new Hextech Origin in Teamfight Tactics, certain classes will be getting new bonuses. Six gunslingers, with the addition of Jinx, now gives a chance to fire three additional attacks. Six Brawlers, with the addition of Vi, now gives Brawlers 1200 extra health. Six Shapeshifters, with the addition of Jayce, now gives 120% bonus health when transforming. And finally, nine Blademasters, with the addition of Camille (and probably some Spatulas) now gives a chance to gain four extra attacks.

Big class and origin changes

Assassins got some damage buffs, but now have more clear counterplay. Evelynn, Katarina, and Rengar all received buffs to either their flat damage or abilities. However, Assassins now jump earlier and faster in each round, and all other units move slower until Assassins land. On top of this, Assassins can be targeted earlier in each round.

Demons are getting nerfed this patch, with the strongest hit to their mana burn odds. Demons now have a 20%-35%-60% chance to burn mana, a big change from their previous 25%-50%-85%. Along with this change, Varus, Morgana, and Aatrox all received nerfs to their ability damage, and Aatrox has slightly lower base health.

Dragons no longer have 100% magic immunity when paired. The immunity was reduced to 83% from magic damage, but both Shyvana and Aurelion Sol received minor defensive boosts to compensate for the change.

Void champions now deal true damage instead of ignoring armor. This may make Void compositions much more appealing, as the trait bonus of ignoring armor didn’t stack up against a lot of other traits.

Smaller class and origin changes

Nobles are now getting magic resistance on top of their armor and life on hit bonuses. To account for this in Teamfight Tactics, the bonus has been reduced from 100 armor to 60 magic resistance and armor.

Guardians give slightly more armor per stack, but both Braum and Leona have significant armor bonuses themselves. This means running one guardian as frontline can pay off, even without the trait bonus.

Knights’ trait bonus affects the entire team now. Instead of blocking base damage from basic attacks, now all units ignore 15/30/55 damage from all sources.

Ninjas no longer gain percent-based damage, but rather gain flat AD and AP. Yordles now can dodge on-hit effects, and the bonus for three Yordles has been slightly increased while the six bonus has been slightly decreased.

Teamfight Tactics champion changes

Garen can move while spinning again. Kennen’s ability damage got nerfed to 225-450-675 from 400-650-900. Morgana’s ability now has an increased cast time of .5 seconds.

Some small item changes have occurred as well. You can view them in detail at the full patch notes.

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