Teamfight Tactics: How to build the Mystic Protectors team composition
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If you’ve played Teamfight Tactics (TFT) this season, you’ve undoubtedly come across plenty of Xin Zhaos and Rakans. These two champions are the core units in one of the strongest team compositions in the meta, Mystic Protectors. Here’s how to build and position the team, which makes use of three different TFT trait synergies: Mystic, Protector, and Celestial.

Building Mystic Protectors

Having four Protector units grants each Protector a shield when they use their ability, having two or four Mystic units grants each unit on your team bonus Magic Resistance, and having two or four Celestial units grants healing to all units when they do damage.

All of these different synergies make units on this team extremely difficult to kill. The champions also provide a lot of healing and utility. Here are the best options for the team:

  • Jarvan IV – Dark Star/Protector
  • Xin Zhao – Celestial/Protector
  • Rakan – Celestial/Protector
  • Sona – Rebel/Mystic
  • Karma – Dark Star/Mystic
  • Neeko – Star Guardian/Protector
  • Soraka – Star Guardian/Mystic
  • Lulu – Celestial/Mystic

With these champions, you will have four Protectors, four Mystics, and three Celestials. You should position these units so that Jarvan IV, Xin Zhao, and Rakan are in the front with Karma supporting either Rakan or Xin Zhao (depending on who is stronger). Sona and Neeko should be in the second row and Lulu and Soraka should be in the very back.

Xin Xhao TFT Protector Mystic

TFT items

Items are essential for winning in Teamfight Tactics. The bulk of the items you get should go on Rakan and Xin Zhao. Spear of Shojin, Morellonomicon, and Ionic Spark are all great items for Rakan. Dragon’s Claw, Quicksilver, and Guardian Angel are great items for Xin Zhao. Sona and Soraka work well with Mana items like Seraph’s Embrace to provide more healing. You can also try to get a Celestial Orb on a unit that isn’t Celestial to get the bonus for having four Celestial units.


At the beginning of the game, try to fish for as many Rakans and Xin Zhaos as you can. You want to get both of these units to three stars, which will take nine of each. Don’t worry about upgrading Jarvan IV or Sona.

The mid-game can be a struggle for this team, especially if you aren’t able to find the units you need. If you do have the units, you need to start investing gold into leveling up and try to find Soraka and Lulu.

If you have the Mystic Protectors team together with all eight champions, you should be able to win most matchups in the late game. Remember that Teamfight Tactics requires adaptation. Pay attention to what your opponent is doing and position your units accordingly!