Teamfight Tactics Build Guide: Wild, Shapeshifters, Dragons
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Teamfight Tactics has a lot of different builds now that the game is on live servers. One of the more complicated builds is the Wild, Shapeshifter, Dragons (WSD) build. While it sounds really difficult to pull off, it really isn’t the hardest to acquire, though it is difficult to scale quickly. We are going to look at what units the build needs, what works well with it, and how to try and beat it. And if you haven’t seen the July 1 TFT patch, go ahead and review our coverage of the patch.

Units needed for WSD

This build has three different buffs needed to complete it, and it is essential to have two specific units. The general composition will look like this.

  • Warwick – tier 1
  • Nidalee – tier 1
  • Ahri – tier 2
  • Shyvana – tier 3
  • Gnar – tier 4
  • Aurelion Sol – tier 4

You can take the Ahri out for Rengar if needed, but usually, Ahri is better. The two central units are the Gnar and the Shyvana. The reason for this is that Gnar is both Wild and Shapeshifter, while Shyvana is both Dragon and Shapeshifter.

The three buffs received do different things as well.

Gnar champion portrait

Wild has two buffs. For 2 Wild, those units receive attack speed. For 4 Wild, all units receive attack speed.

Shapeshifters need 3 units to get the buff. When transforming, they get 100 percent additional health and healing for the amount gained.

Dragons need 2 to become immune to spell damage. Of course, there are only 2 Dragons in the game, so you need both to get the buff.

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The difficulties in this composition are that you must try to balance multiple buffs while waiting for the units you need. Warwick and Nidalee are common enough to get at least a 2 Star, if not 3 Stars. Ahri is rarely taken outside of this composition, so that should also be easy to get. It is mainly the Gnar that ties the whole thing together. There are very few three class characters in TFT, so getting Gnar and getting him to 2 Star is a high priority. The other important thing is Shyvana to complete Shapeshifters and Dragons.

Aurelion Sol, meanwhile, is somewhat easy to get. Much like Ahri, this character is rarely seen outside this composition. Ideally, you want a Spear of Shojin – or two – on Aurelion Sol to start ulting from the back line.

Shyvana champion portrait

What works well?

Assuming you have the six units listed above, a good pair to add to this is Lulu and another Yordle. This will give your team the Bronze Yordle buff, which provides a 20 percent chance for auto attacks to miss. This helps the Gnar transform more safely, and it takes some damage away from your opponent. The Lulu also gives your team the Bronze Sorcerer buff, which increases spell damage.

Another unit to add would be Kassadin, for the same reason as Lulu, though it also gives your team a much-needed front liner. Brawlers like Volibear and Cho’gath are good with this composition. The additional bonus health helps create a safer spot for the Aurelion Sol.

How do you beat WSD?

There are two main ways to deal with WSD. First, you can try to out-crowd control them, using a build like Glacial. Alternatively, you can spread out your units so the Aurelion Sol can’t hit multiple people with his ultimate. Demons could also work, as Gnar and Shyvana need to transform to be effective. The important thing is to delay the transforms while trying to gain access to the Aurelion Sol in the corner.

Final thoughts

This composition requires a lot of planning and luck to not only get the items you need, but to fight other players for those same units. Most of these units are only played in this composition, so be prepared to fight it if needed.

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