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Now that Teamfight Tactics has been out on the live servers, some clear strategies have been emerging for players experienced and new. This is going to cover the basic Noble build, some other synergies with it, and how to play against another player with Nobles. Let’s first go over the buff you get from Noble and the units you’ll need. And if you haven’t seen the July 1 TFT patch, review our coverage of the patch.

Noble buff and units

The Noble buff has two tiers to it. The first is with three Noble units, and it grants one random ally 100 armor and heals 35 health per attack. What this means is that one random unit you have will get this buff, regardless of whether or not they are Nobles themselves. When you get all six Noble units on the board, all of your units will receive the buff. The units you are going to need are the following:

  • Vayne – tier 1
  • Garen – tier 1
  • Fiora   – tier 1
  • Lucian – tier 2
  • Leona – tier 4
  • Kayle  – tier 5

Running Nobles early

With three tier 1 units needed for this composition, it seems fairly easy to get them all. The biggest problem is with getting them to 3-star. The other problem is that because they all are tier 1 units, it is likely that multiple people will be trying to get this build and will make the units very sparse. As of July 1, these are the current drop rates of champions.

Teamfight Tactics Build Guide: Nobles
Teamfight Tactics Drop Rates as of July 1. Credit goes to Riot Games and @RiotSapMagic on Twitter.

This means at best you can get six Nobles at level 6 in the game. Also looking at the numbers of each tiered champ, it does make it far more difficult to get 3-star versions of Kayle and Leona. This further means that if multiple people are hoping to play Nobles, it will make it very difficult to get Kayle and Leona in the later stages of the game.

What works best?

There is a lot that can work with Nobles. The good news is that you will get the bronze Knight buff from Garen and Kayle, so adding additional Knights like Sejuani, Darius, or even Mordekaiser would work for a better front line. If you need more damage on your team, Gunslingers like Tristana and Miss Fortune, along with either Gangplank or Graves, would grant the full Gunslinger buff. Rangers, in my opinion, run the best with Nobles. The main reason is because of two champions, Ashe and Braum. Braum is the only other Guardian in the game, and giving all adjacent units additional armor helps a lot. Ashe, along with Varus and Kindred, would complete the Ranger buff.

How to combat Nobles

The constant heals and armor from six Nobles can be difficult to deal with. Especially dealing with good positioning, it could be difficult to have access to their back line. Kayle’s ultimate can also be frustrating to deal with. A couple tactics have worked for me to counter Nobles. Having an assassin or three to get the first buff and proper positioning will force your opponent’s front line away from the ranged carries. If your opponent has one hyper carry like a three-item Vayne, disrupting her positioning with a good Blitzcrank will wreak havoc. The caveat is that they don’t move their Vayne to a spot where Blitzcrank wouldn’t pull her.


Nobles seems to be one of the core strategies that people will be playing, at least for now. If you are looking for more Teamfight Tactics guides and information, check out more of our coverage of the game.