Team Liquid sign Alanzq and DarkHydra for Teamfight Tactics 
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North American esports organization Team Liquid announced it has signed Teamfight Tactics streamers Mateusz “Alanzq” Jasiński and Christian “DarkHydra” Lüftner. The two personalities will compete under the organization for upcoming Teamfight Tactics tournaments.

Alanzq and DarkHydra

Both Alanzq and DarkHydra are high-skill level Teamfight Tactics players with many accomplishments. The two players have alternated between holding the #1 position on the European West leaderboards for TFT. They currently occupy the top two placements.

Christian “DarkHydra” Lüftner began his competitive career in esports with StarCraft. He is a Terran player from Germany who started competing in the European scene in 2011. Under team nuBreed, he competed in the 4PL Clan League. He later competed under organizations like SFTO Esports and Team Acer, where he stayed for 4 years. DarkHydra placed 3 – 4th at the Go4 StarCraft 2 event and 3rd in the Germany Cup under Team Acer. He also later finished 5 – 6th at ESL Meisterschaft in the Spring Season.

Mateusz “Alanzq” Jasiński started his journey in esports playing MOBA games like Heroes of Newerth, Dota, and Heroes of the Storm. After his reflexes deteriorated, Alanzq moved onto strategy games like Hearthstone, Artifact, and Dota Autochess. He later described his first competitive event as the France Electronic Sports World Convention when he played DotA 1.

Team Liquid Teamfight Tactics

“I was always a fan of Liquid. There was plenty of drama with other teams, with some mess ups, but I’ve never seen drama involving Team Liquid, so that’s a big plus,” said Mateusz “Alanzq” Jasiński on his decision to join. “And Hyped is a friend of mine, we know each other from Artifact since I coached him and helped with decks and stuff like that.”

The two streamers join Brandon “Saintvicious” DiMarco on Team Liquid’s Teamfight Tactics roster. The organization also hosted a Game Day event to celebrate the arrival of the two players. However, Teamfight Tactics is no longer in the top games for viewership on Twitch. It currently sits at #16 with 21.4 thousand average viewers in September of 2019.

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.