Team Liquid begins week-long streaming marathon to help fight COVID-19 - Upcomer
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Professional gaming organization Team Liquid has announced a streaming marathon to support the fight against COVID-19. The ultimate goal of the “Quarathon” is to raise money for humanitarian aid group Direct Relief’s COVID-19 Response. Viewers will be able to watch their favorite TL players take part in a variety of games throughout the marathon. The organization currently owns several teams in games including CS:GO, Rainbow 6: Siege, Fortnite, League of Legends, and more.

An official post made by TL CS:GO Player Jacky ‘Jake’ “Stewie2K” Yip, lays out the broad strokes of the plan. The marathon, which began on March 23, will run until March 29.

Raising as much as possible

On the first day of the stream, TL was able to raise over $1,000. Stewie says his personal goal is $4,000, so they’re off to a great start. But in all honesty, every little bit helps. As many countries are running low on the critical resources needed to fight this pandemic, people will need all the assistance they can get. Even after today’s marathon stream ended, Stewie continued to live-stream his games for additional donations. As the donation page loads a stream of comments, visitors can watch as his viewers donate amounts such as $5, $10, and $20.

Other streamers taking part in the marathon include Daniel “ChuDat” Rodriguez, Dario “TLO” Wünsch, and more.

This is a great time for esports organizations to come together and gather donations to support humanity during this pandemic. For example, Evil Geniuses also participated in a 24-hour stream on the 23rd to help raise funds for Direct Relief. Just as many teams are working to help as much as they can, many viewers are willing to watch and chip in.

Direct Relief is a non-profit organization with the stated mission of improving the lives of those affected by poverty or crisis. As part of their COVID-19 response, they have been working to deliver protective equipment and essential items to health workers responding to the crisis in the US, China, and globally.