Team Liquid, Alienware reveal new Netherlands facility
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Team Liquid recently revealed a new Alienware facility located in its home city of Utrecht, Netherlands. The 10,000 square foot office space serves as the team’s newest EU headquarters. With top-quality technology, gear, and partners, this facility promises plenty of success for TL’s future.

This space includes 120 Alienware displays, state-of-the-art architecture and technology, and an Alienware Training Facility. Additionally, the cutting-edge space sets a new standard for esports training. The team’s official website introduces several such features that will benefit the players of TL, as well as other bonuses. For example, it notes that “players and teams [will] have the best support, from nutritionists to sports psychologists.”

Furthermore, the facility is environmentally friendly, created with bio-based and recyclable materials. “Built using bio-based linoleum, bamboo, eco board-BIO, and organic textile, the facility features 100% recycled glass and felt panels.”

Returning to their home city

Originally founded in Utrecht, Team Liquid has experienced many milestones and records throughout the past decades. Now, its new facility is located one minute away from the heart of the city and will allow the gaming population of Utrecht to grow even more. This new physical location creates an esports landmark for the city, further pushing the industry past its limits.

The Liquid organization currently has 79 players and 10 streamers, participates in 16 games, and employs over 120 staff members. Additionally, the partners supporting this project include high-quality technology and architecture companies. Some of these include Alienware, BOUW21 TL B.V., AHH Architects, and Modular Lighting Instruments. It has also received support from the Gemeente Utrecht Municipality.

This new facility is one of many that have recently opened up in the world of esports. As organizations become bigger, they have outgrown their previous spaces. Other examples of new team spaces include 100 Thieves’ new Cash App Compound and Misfits Gaming’s planned facility in Boca Raton.

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