Team Expert to release StarCraft II players Scarlett and Bly
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Yesterday, the Team Expert Twitter account posted a notice that they will be disbanding and releasing all their current players, including their StarCraft II players Scarlett and Bly.

However, the post also alludes to an upcoming announcement:

“With this post, the makers and managers of Team expert may say goodbye to you. We will finish our activity at the end of the month and start into a new esports adventure. But don’t worry, team expert will continue to exist. With the IFA 2018, Expert will announce the new plans. Stay tuned!”

Team Expert also posted a short trailer on their YouTube channel, which you can see below. The trailer again alludes to a new team being announced in the upcoming days. Scarlett is prominently featured, so it is a safe guess to assume she will have a spot on the new team. Bly also seems to have secured a spot on the new team, tweeting that his future is set and there will be an announcement coming soon.

Overall, this seems to be more of a rebranding than a complete disbandment. After all, this isn’t the first rebranding the team has undergone. Team Expert was formerly known as Team Acer before they underwent a rebranding after Acer dropped their endorsement of the team in early 2016.


Strangely absent is an announcement on the status of MMA, who joined Team Expert after completing his mandatory military service in 2017. MMA has been competing for Team Expert as recently two weeks ago, where he competed in the GSL Code S. Unfortunately, MMA was eliminated from the tournament after losing to both Solar and GuMiho.

It’s possible that MMA is considering retiring from playing competitively to transition into a coaching role on the new team. Hopefully, we find out what the future holds for this legendary StarCraft II player soon.