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With the League of Legends Pacific Championship Series (PCS) just over a month away, one of the first teams to complete their roster is Talon Esports. Through announcements over the past few days, the full 5-man roster has now been revealed. What members will be part of the coaching staff for the roster has not yet been confirmed. 

The bot lane has been reunited at Talon Esports

Last week, we covered the news surrounding Talon Esports’ signing of Ling “Kaiwing” Kai Wing. Now, it has been announced that Kaiwing’s former partner on Hong Kong Academy (HKA) has also signed to the organization. Wong “Unified” Chun Kit had been part of HKA since Jul. 2017 and, together with Kaiwing, was vital to the team’s success in the League Master Series (LMS). Placing both 3rd in the regular season of the 2019 LMS, and finishing 3rd in the LMS 2019 Summer Playoffs. 

The final addition to the League of Legends roster

The final member to join the new roster now is Kim “River” Dong-woo. River, formerly known as “Baby”, has competed in various leagues all over the world. River started his career in the Japanese Challenger series back in June 2018. After failing to qualify for the LJL alongside his team, BowQen Blackbucks, he signed with Ahq Esports Club (AHQ) roster in Dec 2018. 

His time with AHQ, however, was very short-lived. River’s performance was incredibly lackluster, going a combined 0-5 in games throughout the season. In Jun. 2019, he left AHQ to become the starting jungler for the Japanese V3 esports roster, in the League of Legends Japan League (LJL). With this new opportunity, River proved himself capable of competing and led his team to a 3rd place finish in the regular season of the LJL. In addition, the team managed to place second against Detonation Focus Me in the LJL 2019 Summer Playoffs. River is now set to perform in the PCS league in 2020, where he will be facing off against his past opponents. For more League of Legends news be sure to read all about the new season starting in just a few days.