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With the 2018 FIFA World Cup less than a month away, EA has unveiled a FIFA 18 update which includes new player ratings for each country participating in this summer’s tournament. So far, FIFA has unveiled the player ratings for Germany, Argentina, France, England and Spain. Let’s take a look at some of the new cards for your favorite players.


It is only fitting that we start with the reigning World Cup Champions, “Die Mannschaft.” Arguably one of the deepest rosters in all of FIFA, Germany’s squad already looks like a fan favorite for players of FIFA. There aren’t really too many surprises with the Germany ratings, as for the most part every player is close to their original ratings in the game.

Manuel Neur saw his original rating of 92 drop one to 91, which is understandable considering he has spent most of the season out with injury.  91 diving, 88 reflexes and 91 positioning puts Neur as easily the best goalie in the game. Matts Hummels saw his card get a bit of an upgrade as he saw his 88 rating move up to 90. Considered by many as one of the finest centre-backs in the world, the German international’s biggest upgrade came with a two-point boost bringing his defending up from 89 to a 91. Good luck getting by him.

Real Madrid maestro Toni Kroos keeps his cool rating of 90 but there are some minor adjustments to his game. Previously holding a pace of 50, Kroos got a massive upgrade as his pace is now at a 61. His dribbling and passing are still the same at 82 and 89, so get ready for some slick passing from the German.

The biggest upgrade comes at the hands of RP Leipzig forward Timo Werner. Bursting onto the scene last year. The young German has been a popular pick for FIFA 18 players with his ridiculously high potential. Starting this year with a rating of 82, the striker now boasts a rating of 85. With 93 pace and 83 shooting, you may find yourself on the receiving end of some goals courtesy of this man.


Always a go-to for many, “La Albiceleste” possess countless attacking threats for their opponents. Making them one of the best sides to play with in the game.

Argentina’s FIFA 18 World Cup Squad Ratings.

Lionel Messi sees himself receive an upgrade of one point bringing him to 94. Making him one of the best players in this mode. Messi will undoubtably bag you some goals while also frustrating your opponents with his 96 dribbling and 90 shooting.

Gonzalo Higuain finds himself down two points with a rating of 88. The Juventus forward possess great technical abilities with his 89 finishing, 83 dribbling and 90 positioning. If you see an opponent line up with either him and Messi up top, you might be in for a long game…

One of Manchester City’s best defenders this season. Nicolas Otamendi received a HUGE upgrade, going from an 83 to an 86. 63 pace, 85 defending and 83 physical ratings makes him a great addition to any squad.

Rounding off Argentina’s attack, Paulo Dybala and Sergio Aguero also have unbelievable cards. Both players have a rating of 87 and have very similar stats. Dribbling sees Dybala edge out Aguero, beating him by one with 90. Augero takes the shooting category beating Dybala by three with 86. While both boast a pace rating of 86. Incredible options to have in your starting 11 or even on the bench…


Possessing some of the best young players in all of the game, “Les Bleus” have an array of attacking and defensive talent.

Between the sticks; Hugo Lloris remains of the best keepers in the game with a rating of 87, bringing his total down one from the start of the game. With 87 diving, 89 reflexes and 83 positioning, your opponents are going to have a hard time scoring on him.

Centre-backs: Raphael Varane and Samuel Umtitti’s ratings both stay the same with 85. A formidable pairing, both Varane and Umtitti are two of the fastest centre-backs with 84 and 75 pace for the latter. Umtitti beats out Varane by one when it comes to defending with a rating of 85.

One of the bigger surprises sees Manchester United star midfielder Paul Pogba with an overall 86-rating dropping two from the start of the year. “Pogboom” still possesses great offensive abilities with 84 dribbling, 84 passing and 79 shooting but he may take a back seat to Ngolo Kante when it comes to who is the best midfielder for France. The Chelsea star has an overall rating of 88. Possessing stats such as 82 defending, 84 physical and 81 pace, makes him one of the finest midfielders in the game.

France’s golden boy, Antoine Griezmann takes the mantel of highest rated player on his squad with an overall rating of 89. 86 pace, 85 shooting and 87 dribbling, is there anything he can’t do? A thorn in many FIFA players sides, you should expect to see a lot of “Hotline Bling” celebrations coming from Antoine after he scores.


Another fan favorite, “La Roja” has countless players with incredible ratings. Home to arguably the best midfield in all of football, these players will definitely give you an edge in the centre of the park.

Starting off with their highest rated player, goalkeeper David De Gea rivals Manuel Neur with an overall rating of 91. With 90 diving, 92 reflexes and 88 positioning, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars to have him on your team bailing you out.

Next up is the always controversial Sergio Ramos. The Real Madrid captain sees himself get an overall rating of 90. With his 76 pace, 89 defending and 83 physical. Ramos is a beast of a defender while also offering great attacking abilities with 71 dribbling and 73 passing. He prevents and also scores goals, what more could you want?



Playing in probably his last World Cup, Andres Iniesta stays as classy as ever with an overall rating of 87. With 89 dribbling, 86 passing and 71 pace; the Barca legend will be a great addition to any squad.

The biggest surprise in the Spain squad sees Real Madrid star Isco retain his overall of 86. Compared to his card at the start of the game, Isco has received a six-point boost with his pace now at 77 and his dribbling up two points at 91. Add also his 84 passing and 82 shooting, Isco should have a higher rating (probably 88) but regardless his card is still very impressive.


Just off the top, England fans … I am sorry.

Most of the players on this roster received a downgrade, with only a small percentage gaining upgrades. Let’s put it this way: Spain’s lowest rated player is better than most of England’s squad.

It’s no surprise that Spurs forward Harry Kane is granted the title of highest rated on England with his 87 rating. While it is a downgrade of one from the start of the season, Harry is still a great threat for any team with 89 shooting, 81 dribbling and 84 physical.

Manchester City star Raheem Sterling receives an upgrade with an overall of 84. Up two points from the start of the year, Sterling sees himself with some great stats. 93 pace, 86 dribbling and 75 passing, Sterling will offer you a great offensive threat by terrorizing your opponent with his pace.

Harry Kane’s Spurs teammate Dele Ali also sees himself with a lower rating. Down one point at 83, Ali still has decent stats with 80 shooting, 77 passing and 81 dribbling. I think it’s safe to say that he and Kane will link up for some goals together.

Now while England possess some good attacking options, their defense is another story. The highest rated defender is Kyle Walker with 84. Danny Rose has a rating of 82, followed with Jones, Smalling and Cahill at 81. It’s a little scary that most of England’s defenders are rated the same as their potential starting goalie, Jack Butland who is at an 81.

These are the first of many squads to be released in the coming weeks before the World Cup. Be sure to follow us for more updates on FIFA 18 and the World Cup squads.

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