Susquehanna Soniqs signs RLCS newcomers Afterthought
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RLCS9 is the season of badly kept secrets. This time, it’s Soniqs making an announcement that most fans already knew. That doesn’t make the news any less important, however. With an awesome video, Soniqs has announced it signed the newly promoted Afterthought, though its players are familiar with the pressure of playing at the top level of Rocket League.

Soniqs enters Rocket League and will play in RLCS9

Afterthought — now Soniqs — consists of Nathan “Shock” Frommelt, Matthew “Satthew” Ackermann, and crowd favorite Chris “Dappur” Mendoza. Only Shock has yet to make his debut in the RLCS after he failed to promote in previous seasons. Now, teaming up with Satthew — who had been removed from SpaceStation Gaming after one season in the RLCS — and Dappur — whom many have come to love over the seasons — he will make his first-ever appearance at the highest level.

The Soniqs team has high expectations after an impressive RLRS run, and many believed Satthew’s removal to be a bad move on SpaceStation’s side. Dappur has been a staple of top-tier Rocket League, despite his varying results. He made his debut all the way back in RLCS Season 3, where he and his team Selfless Gaming also immediately qualified for the World Championships. The following season, however, things went less smoothly, and they ended in eighth place. But even after successfully defending their RLCS spot, they once again finished bottom two in season five, and this time did relegate. It was the last we’d see of Dappur in the RLCS for nearly two years, with his name popping up as a substitute or on an RLRS team here and there.

This weekend, we can finally welcome him and Satthew back to the RLCS, and we’ll get to see what Shock has in store for us. RLCS9 begins on Feb. 1 for North America, where we’ll see Soniqs in action as the second match of the day against the current world champions, NRG.

Michael Kloos is a Dutch esports journalist and enthusiast with a particular like of Rocket League and VALORANT. He is also an avid fantasy/sci-fi reader and writer. He spends most of his time trying not to be in the real world.