Suspended FaZe Clan player Dubs releases public apology
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Suspended FaZe Clan professional player Danny “Dubs” Walsh has posted an apology to his fans regarding his recent actions. The statement posted on his Twitter has gathered a mixed bag of responses. Many people showed support for Dubs, while others seemed skeptical of his honesty.

The 15-year old esports player has recently been under fire for using racial slurs on stream. His history with FaZe Clan includes participation in numerous tournaments, including the Fortnite World Cup. But when Dubs participated in another streamer’s broadcast, he exclaimed a racial slur. This set off plenty of emotions in the Fortnite community, and they immediately notified FaZe Clan.

The organization’s response emphasized their intolerance of hate speech within their community, as they chose to suspend him indefinitely. Along with the suspension, the organization required Dubs and all their other members to go through sensitivity training.

Over a month later, Dubs has returned to social media to apologize to his fans. “I would like to share with you all what I have spent my time doing to learn and grow from this. I completed sensitivity training to learn more about the history and original use of some of the most commonly misused offensive words.” Dubs also shared some of the topics he explored with his sensitivity coach, admitting that he didn’t know the consequences of using racial slurs until now.

“Think Before You Speak”

In the rest of his apology, he states he will now live by the motto “Think Before you Speak”. He challenges his followers to implement the same saying in their lives in some way. In the end, he requests that the esports community change for the better in regards to removing derogatory words and bullying. “Let’s be conscious of the things we say, let’s be nice to one another, and let’s change the culture of esports together.”

The owner of FaZe Clan appreciated the apology and commented on the post. “Excited to see you continue to grow as a person and a professional in our family.”

We’ll see how Dubs has changed if and when his suspension lifts and he returns to playing for FaZe. What do you think of all this? Let us know in the comments, and keep up with Daily Esports for more Fortnite news.