Surprise dragons! Flyers have arrived in Apex Legends
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Well, Respawn has bamboozled us again. Without any warning and with just under an hour left in Apex Legends Season 1’s Battle Pass, a silent patch has brought the flyers to Kings Canyon. Yes, dragons are in the game.


As you can see, the flyers are large multi-winged creatures. They drift slowly through the air, carrying death boxes for some reason. When damaged, they drop the boxes, which appear to be just regular player death boxes.

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How they happened to get them is yet to be determined. Our theory is that these are the boxes of the first few players to die or disconnect in each match.


Very little is currently known about the flyers, despite the weeks’ worth of leaks and teasers. All we know so far is that they fly low over the arena, bringing gifts. True to form, Bangalore hates them on sight, while Mirage doesn’t seem to know what they are. We tried pretty hard to land on one, but so far we have had no success.

The appearance of the flyers may be the first domino in a bigger reveal. If you subscribe to some of the popular community theories, Respawn has a mid-season event planned starting today. Perhaps an entire new Legend will be added to the game, before Wattson?


One final observation: It appears that shortly after they drop their box, the flyers disappear. This is perhaps the friendliest possible version of a “dragon” that Apex Legends could possibly get.

This is up-to-the-second new information, so stay tuned as we update this article with more information!