Support your Overwatch League team with Blizzard's 'Skins in the Game'
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Even though Stage 3 of the Overwatch League recently ended, this doesn’t mean the competition ended too. And no, I’m not talking about the Contenders Pacific Showdown. I’m talking about a new competition called “Skins in the Game,” coming to Overwatch tomorrow. By playing either Quick Play or Competitive matches while wearing the skin of your favorite OWL team, you’ll grant them a point in the competition. You can also participate on Twitter, by sending a tweet with #MyOWLTeam and tagging your team’s account. The event will run until May 31 and the winning team will be announced by Blizzard on June 3.

Skins in the Game details

Blizzard explains you have to actually complete the map you are playing in order to earn credits for your team. This counts for maps going into overtime as well. Furthermore, you can freely switch heroes as long as you wore the team skin at one point in the match. Both home and away skins count and the hero you wear it on doesn’t matter either. Unfortunately, Atlantic and Pacific All-Stars skins will not earn any points for your team. Lastly, the competition is available to all players, no matter what region you are in or what platform you play on.

On the chance that you won’t be able to participate in this round of the competition, Blizzard has already announced another round. The second round will take place in the week between July 15 and July 21. Blizzard also promised to update you on the teams’ standings, so follow the OWL Twitter for updates.

Now you might be wondering — what is the reward for the winning team? Well, apart from the obvious bragging rights, the winning team will also get the chance to take over the Overwatch League Instagram profile. It is unclear for how long the team will be allowed to take over, but we’re certain it’s going to be a fun and possibly mischievous occasion.

Overwatch League Blizzard Skins in the Game

The Overwatch League returns for Stage 3 on June 6. With the Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock winning stages one and two, will we see a new champion arise in Stage 3? Are there any other teams that could surprise us and get in the mix for top spots? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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