Stompy, Tschinken, and aqua win EU Fortnite Champion Series
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The Fortnite Champion Series has concluded for the European region. Klaus “Stompy” Konstanzer, Thomas “Tschinken” Hörak, and David “aqua” Wang took first place in the Grand Finals. The trio brought home $480,000 in prize money. Overall, they finished with 76 total points. Stompy, Tschinken, and aqua won game three with 11 eliminations. The team then clutched the final game of the Grand Finals to secure first place.

In second, Endre “Endretta,” Jimmy “Ritz” Christensen, and Patrik “Pate1k” Zaharchenko fell 13 points short of the top spot. They also popped off in the final match to climb up the leaderboard. The second-place team finished with 63 total points and head home with $216,000 in winnings. Needless to say, every game mattered during the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals. The top two teams rose up the standings because of the last games they played.

Game 1

Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson, Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie, and Benjy “benjyfishy” David Fish met expectations in the first game. The trio looted Retail Row all to themselves. They looked great moving towards the end of the game. Then, they took the high ground and punished everyone below with RPGs and spray fire weapons. Mongraal, mitr0, and benjyfishy ended with eight eliminations and the victory royale. They earned 23 points in Game 1.

Game 2

Game 2 went to Theo “crue” Ferrer, “beehive,” and Moussa “chapix” Faour. Beehive ran out of materials but still clutched the win. He took on two players and earned his team an additional five points. The trio finished Game 2 with six eliminations. The amazing effort by beehive put his team in contention.

Game 3

Stompy, Tschinken, and aqua showed how to dominate a stacked lobby. The trio took the high ground during moving zones. Then, they proceeded to eliminate 11 players on the way to a victory royale. The winning team knew what to do once they grabbed height. Rockets and spray fire rained down while players below died. Eventually, Stompy, Tschinken, and aqua jumped down to clean up the remaining players.

Game 4

Jonas “Klusia” Colkær Thomsen, Jakob “elokratz” Juul Sørensen, Thomas “Th0masHD” Høxbro Davidsen won Game 4 to put themselves on the leaderboard. Th0masHD went off for six eliminations. Altogether, the team scored nine eliminations. After Game 4, the trio sat in third place.

Additionally, aqua made an incredible play. He eliminated four players within 20 seconds. This was one of the best singular plays of the Fortnite Champion Series Grand Finals. His team did not win this game, but the play deserves recognition!

Game 5

In Game 5, Derman “MOTOR” Özdemir, Adam “Boyer” Boyer, and Jacob “verox” Gilbert eliminated eight players on their way to a win. The team played on the low ground and let the chaos ensue around them. Then, the two remaining players in the trio jumped out to the battle. They eliminated the final player and captured a victory royale. The win put them in first place with 54 points, and only one game remained.

Game 6

The final game saw clinical play by Stompy, Tschinken, and aqua. Too often, this trio was left on the high ground with little to worry about. In Game 6, this was exactly what happened. The trio sprayed fire down below and ended the match with 10 eliminations. This game put them in first place and ultimately won them the Grand Finals.

Also, Endretta, Pate1k, and Ritz performed exceptionally in the final game. The eliminated 14 players and finished in fourth place.

The Fortnite Champion Series EU Grand Finals provided players and fans all the necessary excitement. Teams went back and forth on the leaderboards. The competition left some teams celebrating while others could only look for answers. Mongraal, mitr0, and benjyfishy underperformed based on expectations. They were the heavy favorite, but fell short. The trio finished in tenth.

This season of competitive Fortnite ended with the Champion Series Grand Finals. Epic Games announced at the end of the tournament that squads are the next competitive series. Not much else is known at this time, but another tournament lurks on the horizon.

What teams were you rooting for in the Fortnite Champion Series? What was your favorite play of the competition? Let us know in the comments below!