Starfield: Should you turn in Vae Victis to the UC Cabinet?
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The end of the United Colonies quest line will reveal some shocking truths behind the Terramorph problem in Starfield. Through some detective work on the overrun planet of Londinian, you will learn that Vae Victis, the war criminal that has been secretly alive since the Colony War, was really responsible for the recent Terrarmorph attacks on Tau Ceti and New Atlantis in Starfield.

When you learn this information, you can confront Vae Victis in his secret cell and he will eventually admit to everything. According to the former commander, he was working with Dr. Reginald Orlase to spread the Lazarus plant on planets outside of Londinian. All of this was done to make you and Hadrian heroes while adding validity to Vae Victis’ role as an advisor to the UC.

When Vae Victis reveals all of this, you will have to go to the UC Cabinet and choose to turn in Vae Victis for his role in the attacks or you can pin everything on the now-dead Dr. Orlase. So, what’s the best course of action to take?

Turning in Vae Victis to the UC Cabinet

Starfield: Should you turn in Vae Victis to the UC Cabinet?
Vae Victis wants to know your decision. | Screenshot via Upcomer

If you choose to reveal Vae Victis’ entire role in the Terramorph plot, then you are actually missing out on future content in Starfield. As Vae Victis explains to you from his cell, if you choose to not turn him in, you can work for him as an assassin, taking out criminals across the galaxy. Of course, all of that is out the window if you turn him in to the Cabinet.

Turnin Vae Victis won’t result in him being arrested, though, as he will have escaped from his prison cell and leave you a nice note behind. This course completes the United Colonies quest line and rewards you with credits, a Class One citizenship, and a penthouse in New Atlantis.

Pinning the attacks on Dr. Orlase

Starfield: Should you turn in Vae Victis to the UC Cabinet?
The UC Cabinet needs to know who was responsible for the attacks. | Screenshot via Upcomer

On the flip side, if you choose to keep Vae Victis’ involvement a secret, then you will have to lie to Hadrian and the UC Cabinet and say that Dr. Orlase was solely responsible. No one can really challenge you on this lie, as you previously killed Dr. Orlase for Vae Victis earlier in the United Colonies quest line.

Going this route will give you the same exact rewards, which are credits, a Class One citizenship, and the penthouse. However, in this scenario, you will also be able to take on extra work for Vae Victis. Those assassin missions can reward you with extra loot and credits.

Which choice should you make?

In my opinion, there is no real benefit to turning Vae Victis in to the UC Cabinet. While what he did in the past and present with the Terramorph attacks was morally wrong, you’re simply losing out on extra content by revealing his involvement.

Either way you go, though, you will receive the same rewards and complete the United Colonies quest line in Starfield. The only difference is missing out on some extra missions, but that might not matter to you if you’re trying to play as a morally righteous character.

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