Starfield: Should you convince the Ryujin Board to buy Infinity Ltd?
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Following the conclusion of the Sabotage mission for Ryujin Industries in Starfield, you will continue speaking to CEO Masako in her office. During this conversation, a couple of points will be brought up that you need to pay close attention to. The first point is Masako will suggest that Ryujin should buy Infinity Ltd following the scandal with their failed theft of the Internal Neuroamp.

Masako claims that Infinity’s net worth will be at an all-time low following the scandal, making the company worth next to nothing. Moreover, saving the jobs of hundreds of Infinity Ltd employees will look good for Ryujin in the public eye. Putting your thoughts on this business decision aside, Masako will ask you to back her suggestion up at the next board meeting. She also tasks you with convincing the other members of the board to approve of the decision.

This leaves you in the middle, and you have full control over what happens thanks to the Internal Neuroamp in your head. So, should you convince the board members at Ryujin to buy Infinity Ltd or let the deal fall through?

Choosing to let Ryujin buy Infinity Ltd

Let’s start with the option that many of you will likely consider first, especially if you’re like me. Since I just completed an entire quest line for Ryujin, I thought making them look good in the public eye would be the best move for my character. I also thought there might be some extra money in it for me.

Starfield: Should you convince the Ryujin Board to buy Infinity Ltd?
Convincing Ularu to approve the deal. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Unfortunately, there’s not really anything extra you get for siding with Masako and convincing the other board members to approve the purchase. However, if you still want to push the deal through, there are also no downsides. Masako will agree with the decision either way and the Ryujin Industries quest line will essentially end.

In order to make Ryujin’s board members approve the sale, you have to go speak to all seven of them. Some of them will agree with purchasing Infinity Ltd right from the get-go but others will need to be persuaded. Luckily, you can use the [Manipulate] option that appears in regular dialogue or after you have chosen the [Persuade] option. Doing this will make certain board members agree to approve the deal. However, one or two board members won’t be able to be convinced.

But that’s okay, as all you need is four yes votes for the deal to go through at the board meeting.

Rejecting the Infinity Ltd deal for Ryujin

On the flip side, if you don’t want to side with Masako and let Ryujin purchase Infinity Ltd, then you have still to go to each board member. In this scenario, you have to manipulate the members that want the deal to go through. It’s basically the same situation as the approving the deal, but you’ll be convincing different board members.

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If you get four nay votes, then the vote at the board meeting will not go through. Masako will be slightly upset, but she will go with whatever the board votes.

Which side should you choose?

Starfield: Should you convince the Ryujin Board to buy Infinity Ltd?
The board meeting at Ryujin. | Screenshot via Upcomer

In the end, it actually doesn’t make a difference what choice you make. You get the same rewards regardless of whether you approve the purchase of Infinity Ltd or let the deal die.

I chose to purchase Infinity Ltd, as I felt the employees there didn’t deserve to go down with the ship that CEO Lucas Drexler sank. However, you might have a different feeling, and that will still lead to the same general ending.

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