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Want to steal ships and live out your space pirate fantasy in Starfield? You’ll need to learn how to target enemies while flying your ship. Here’s how to lock on to another ship in Bethesda’s latest space RPG.

How to target enemy ships in Starfield

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Looking to lock onto enemy ships in Starfield? This can make it a lot easier to attack incoming enemies or take over other ships. But it’s unfortunately not a skill that’s available to everyone right away.

You’ll need to get the Targeting Control Systems skill in the Tech tree if you want to lock onto enemy ships in Starfield. This skill will let you lock onto enemy ships and then even aim at specific parts of enemy ships, including engines.

If you’re using a controller, press the A button to target a ship. On your keyboard, it’s the E key. For both, you’ll need to make sure you’re in range and in Target Lock mode. You can enter this mode by pressing X on your controller or R on your keyboard.

If there are multiple ships, you can cycle left and right to pick the specific ship you want to select and lock onto. You’ll first need to deplete their shields to get to the ship and its parts.

How to take over a ship in Starfield

Once you have destroyed an enemy ship’s engine, the ship will become stranded. You can dock stranded ships by getting close to the ship. Just remember that enemies will still be there and will start attacking you. Be prepared to take them down.

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