Starfield: How to get to Crucible for Operation Starseed
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Operation Starseed has become one of the more famous quests in Starfield. It sees players interact with historical figures from the past and sets them on quite a wild adventure full of difficult choices and plenty of action. However, Operation Starseed is not a quest that you can start just by visiting one of the major cities in the Settled Systems. Instead, players will need to visit a town called Crucible in Starfield if they want to start Operation Starseed.

Crucible isn’t a location that you would likely visit for any other reason than beginning this particular quest. It’s on a random planet in a far-away system that you likely won’t be able to reach just by fast traveling. If you have been looking for Crucible in Starfield but haven’t been able to find it yet, then check out the guide below.

Finding Crucible in Starfield

Crucible is located on the planet Ixyll II in the Ixyll system. This system is found to the northeast of Alpha Centauri and Cheyenne and also right above Kryx. Unless you have visited this system before or been to any surrounding systems, you will likely have to make jumps to other systems before you can reach Ixyll.

Starfield: How to get to Crucible for Operation Starseed
The Ixyll system. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you’re in the system, chart a course for Ixyll II, which is located to the right of the system’s sun. On the planet, you can land at Crucible, the only landmark that you’re able to land at for the time being.

Starfield: How to get to Crucible for Operation Starseed
Crucible is on Ixyll II. | Screenshot via Upcomer

It should be noted that in order to properly start Operation Starseed, you have to receive a distress call from Crucible first. I received my distress call while jumping to nearby systems, but you should also be able to receive it once you arrive in the Ixyll system. Either way, once you land on Crucible, you’re able to talk to a robot near the city’s gates to begin Operation Starseed in Starfield.

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