Starfield: How to find The Clinic
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There are dozens of hidden locations across the Settled Systems in Starfield that you might not even know existed during your first playthrough. The only way to see every location is to travel to each system on your galaxy map, which is quite the ordeal. Of course, if you’re just looking for a single location, like The Clinic, in Starfield, then you’re in luck.

The Clinic is a crucial location to discover, as it holds a ton of different healing supplies for you to purchase. There are also a few different quests that require you to visit this floating hospital, so you will need to know where to find it at some point. If you have been searching for The Clinic in Starfield, but can’t seem to locate it, check out the guide below.

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Finding The Clinic in Starfield

Luckily, The Clinic is one of the first locations you can discover during your playthrough. It is not located on a planet, as it’s a giant space station that is floating in orbit around a planet in the Narion system. The Narion system is located to the northeast of Alpha Centauri, and it’s the system you actually start the game in, so it will already be discovered on your galaxy map.

find The Clinic in Starfield
The Narion system. | Screenshot via Upcomer

In the Narion system, you can fast travel to The Clinic by clicking on its icon in the top-right corner of the screen. It’s right below a planet with rings around it. Once you fast travel to The Clinic, travel close to the station so you can dock at it. After you’re docked, you’re free to look around the area and explore.

find The Clinic in Starfield
The Clinic’s location. | Screenshot via Upcomer

I recommend going to the Doctor’s office, as you can heal yourself and also buy just about any healing item in Starfield. The Clinic is a terrific location to return to whenever you need a restock of healing items, and now you know exactly where to find it.

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