Starfield: How to find The Almagest
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The Almagest is one of the cooler locations in the Settled Systems of Starfield. It’s an abandoned casino floating in the vast openness of space that you can freely enter and even win a large jackpot for yourself. However, as with most points of interest in Starfield, this casino is not so easily found.

Once you manage to actually get to The Almagest, there is nothing stopping you from entering it and exploring the inside of the casino. So the hardest part is simply locating what system it’s in, which you can learn about in the guide below.

Finding The Almagest in Starfield

To find The Almagest, you need to enter the Olympus system. This system is found to the east of Alpha Centauri and to the northwest of Volii on your galaxy map. It is directly next to another system called Aranae, so you want to ensure that you are selecting Olympus when you are viewing it from your map.

The Almagest’s location in Olympus. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you’re in Olympus, you can find The Almagest right next to the Nesoi planet on the western side of the system’s sun. You can fast travel directly to The Almagest and then once you’re within 500 kilometers of it, you can dock at the floating casino.

Starfield: How to find The Almagest
The Almagest is floating in space. | Screenshot via Upcomer

While you can explore the casino freely, you won’t be the only presence on The Almagest once you arrive. There will be some Spacer enemies that are trying to loot the casino, so you need to deal with all of them before you can start truly exploring. The main goal of being on The Almagest is to cash in the casino’s jackpot, which you can read about how to do in my previous guide.

Now you know where to find one of Starfield’s most unique locations.

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