Starfield: How to find and use the Almagest Jackpot Combination
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The Almagest is a floating casino in the Olympus system in Starfield. It’s a massive ship that appears to be abandoned, and you can dock there to see what’s going on inside. While there’s not much to actually do on the ship in terms of gameplay, there is a jackpot that’s waiting to be claimed.

The only problem is this jackpot needs the proper combination in order to claim, and it’s located somewhere on The Almagest. To find the jackpot combination and win big at the casino on The Almagest in Starfield, keep reading the guide below.

Getting inside The Almagest

The Almagest in the Olympus system. | Screenshot via Upcomer

First off, once you dock at The Almagest and head inside, you will notice a couple of things. One, there is no gravity, so you will be floating everywhere. Two, there are several Spacer enemies that are trying to loot the casino for themselves. I recommend taking out all of the Spacer enemies that you can find before attempting to find the jackpot combination.

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Once the enemies are dealt with, you can continue your search for the jackpot combination.

Finding the jackpot combination terminal

Starfield: How to find and use the Algamest Jackpot Combination
The location of the jackpot terminal. | Screenshot via Upcomer

The combination to The Almagest jackpot is located on a terminal computer near the center of the casino. You can find it by going inside a booth that is located on a platform that connects the two sides of the ship. Inside the booth, you can use the terminal to learn the jackpot combination. The winning numbers for the jackpot are: 12, 19, 36, 5. 

Starfield: How to find and use the Algamest Jackpot Combination
The jackpot winning numbers. | Screenshot via Upcomer

With the combination, you can head out of the booth and into the area where you can enter the winning numbers to claim your jackpot.

Where to enter The Almagest jackpot winning numbers

From the center of the ship, you need to find a brightly lit area with yellow panels with a stained glass design going up the wall. Near one of the yellow panels, you will see a square cut-out that has a vent going up into the ceiling.

The entrance to the Jackpot Backend room. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Go up this vent to reach a secret room of The Almagest, which has another terminal called the “Jackpot Backend.” You can use this terminal to enter the winning numbers that I mentioned previously. Make sure to input them in the correct order.

The Jackpot Backend terminal. | Screenshot via Upcomer

If you’ve done everything correctly, you will receive the jackpot, which is 3,700 credits. However, that’s not the only prize you can walk out with. In the Jackpot Backend room, you can open up a Contraband Cache that’s located in the back corner. Open the cache to find some Xenowarfare Tech and Stolen Artwork, both of which are contraband.

The Contraband on board The Algamest. | Screenshot via Upcomer

You can sell this contraband to the Trade Authority, but you need to ensure you don’t get caught with it by any major Faction. You can smuggle contraband by acquiring a Shielded Cargo attachment for your ship and storing the contraband in your ship’s cargo hold.

In any case, you have solved the jackpot combination onboard The Almagest in Starfield, and you can now leave the casino for your next destination.

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