Starfield: How to easily win the Red Mile race
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Red Mile on Porrima III is home to a fancy casino, frigid temperatures, and a deadly race aptly named the Red Mile in Starfield. The Red Mile race can be run by speaking to Mei, the owner of the casino. You can either run the race on your own time but you will have to complete it if you want to complete the Freestar Rangers quest line as well.

Either way you get to the Red Mile, you might be wondering the best way to finish the race. If you have already run it once or twice, then you know there are deadly creatures littered along the race path, which makes it extremely difficult to get to the end. Luckily, I will explain exactly how you can ace the Red Mile in Starfield in this guide.

How to win the Red Mile race in Starfield

When you start the Red Mile, you will be in a garage that opens to a snowy landscape, which is where you will encounter your first Red Mile Mauler. These are the creatures you will see all along the race path, and they are hyper-aggressive toward you when you pass by them.

Starfield: How to easily win the Red Mile race
Mei is the owner of the Red Mile. | Screenshot via Upcomer

The ultimate goal of the Red Mile is to run the track and reach the beacon at the end of the race. If you want to finish the race with flying colors, check out my tips below:

  • Take any kind of stimulant or aid item that increases your movement speed, O2 recovery, and damage resistance.
    • The two best stimulants to use are Amp and Runner’s Rush. Runner’s Rush can be acquired from inside the casino at Red Mile while Amp is a common aid item sold by most vendors.
  • Equip your best boost pack and make your weapon is holstered before starting the race.
  • With your stimulants taken, the best strategy to win the race is to simply run right past all of the Maulers and head straight to the end of the track.
  • While you might have to slow down occasionally, you can get to the end of the track within a couple of minutes by sprinting and boosting continuously.
  • If you want to avoid most of the Maulers, then I recommend taking the left or right paths to the end. Going down the middle of the path will result in you catching the attention of several Maulers.

And that’s really all there is to winning the Red Mile. You don’t have to attack a single Mauler if you don’t want to, as running right past them works best. The fastest route is straight down the middle but the safest paths are to the left and right. Regardless, as long as you consume the right stimulants, you can get to the end extremely quickly by taking any route.

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I have run the Red Mile a handful of times now and used this same strategy each time. It works perfectly every single time, so I recommend following it if you want to make Mei eat her words.

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