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While working for Ryujin Industries in Starfield, you’ll be told there’s a mole inside the company that is attempting to steal the top-secret Project Dominion. Now it’s up to you to go into stealth mode and find out who the mole is. Here’s how to beat the Background Checks mission in Starfield.

Locate Dalton

The first thing you need to do is meet Dalton Fiennes, Ryujin’s Head of Security. He will start Security Directive Theta, which clears the building except for security guards.

To get past these security guards and check out Ulara Chen’s computer, you need to first meet with a hacker known as Nyx. Pay 2,500 credits to purchase a program that will allow you to get information from Chen’s computer and prove if she’s the mole or not. If your persuasion is high enough, you can talk him into giving you the program for 1,000 credits instead.

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Sneak past the guards

Now, you’ll need to sneak past the guards in Ryujin Tower to reach Chen’s office with the program in hand. Make sure you’re wearing all of your sneakiest apparel and avoid anything clunky.

When you enter the building, head through a vent until you find the control console. This will allow you to shut off all of the lights so you can sneak past guards even easier.

Then, head left and drop into another room. You can crouch to get past the guard that’s in this area. You’ll see another door and another guard inside. Sneak past him and then make your way up the stairs. You’ll find a white hallway at the top of the staircase.

Wait for the guard at the end of the hallway to walk away and you can sneak past him. You’ll follow the quest marker until you’re in another room with a vent. Follow these vents until you reach a room with multiple guards. Sneak past them and locate the R&D department.

Here, you can either sneak into the next room or you can persuade a guard to let you into that room. You’ll see yet another vent at the back of the room. Head up the ramp and you’ll see some blue lights and a vent panel. Open this panel and keep walking along a catwalk to make it to another vent.

Dropping out of this vent will land you in Chen’s office.

Use Nyx’s program

Once you get to Chen’s office, the quest is pretty straightforward. Spea kto Nyx and he’ll run the program on her computer. Then take the program back to Dalton, who will tell you the next steps towards finding the mole and stopping them from sharing Project Dominion.