Starfield: How to change your companion's clothes and weapons
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There are several companions that you can recruit in Starfield. You can recruit these characters to be your followers or a part of your crew on a ship or at an Outpost. No matter where you assign a companion, you can still interact with them and discuss what’s currently going on in your playthrough. One question many players have had in the early going of Starfield, though, is how they can change their companion’s clothes and weapons.

When you recruit a companion, you will likely see plenty of them over the course of your playthrough. After some time, it can get tiresome to see a given companion in the same apparel. Or, even worse is when your follower in Starfield uses the same weapon and it simply doesn’t do any damage.

To avoid any of this from happening to you, learn about how to change all of these elements about your companion in the guide below.

How to change your companion’s clothes and weapons in Starfield

This process is extremely easy and can be done with any crew member you have recruited in Starfield. First, find the companion you want to change and then speak with them. From here, select the first dialogue option that appears, which says to trade with that character.

On the trade screen, switch to your inventory and then give the companion whatever clothes or weapons you want them to equip. Once you have given them everything you want, switch back to their inventory and then go to the “weapons” or “apparel” category. Hover over the weapon or clothing you want to equip for them, and then look at the bottom of the screen.

How to change your companion's clothes and weapons
The “Equip” button is at the bottom of the screen. | Screenshot via Upcomer

You will see an option to “Equip,” which you need to select while still hovering over that item in the inventory. If done correctly, this will make a small triangle appear on the left side of the item’s box in the inventory. This signifies the character has equipped that item.

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You can repeat this process for any kind of apparel, weapon, or throwable that your companion has in their inventory. You need to ensure that the item you want them to equip is in their inventory and not yours, however. Now, you can completely change how your companions look and perform in combat.

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