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In Starfield, you can own a Dream Home. But is it worth it?

Starfield is an open world RPG that lets you explore planets throughout the universe, jumping from solar system to solar system. But you can also settle down and relax in a Dream Home. Here’s how.

How to get the Starfield Dream Home

You can start with a house right away if you get the Dream Home trait. You’ll find it by starting the Dream Home mission, which appears after you complete the main mission called One Small Step if you have that trait while creating your character.

The Starfield Dream Home is located on Nesoi in the Olympus System. It will appear as a landing location, which makes it easier to get to.

Images via Rock Paper Shotgun | Bethesda

Should you get the Dream Home trait in Starfield?

As you probably expected, you don’t get a Dream Home for free. But it’s definitely nice to have a large place to store items all in one place very early into the game.

The Dream Home has two bedrooms, two baths, and a cooking area on the first floor. If you walk upstairs, you’ll come out on a rooftop that overlooks Nesoi’s landscape. You can also design the home with things you collect, customizing it to match your aesthetic and interests.

To get the Dream Home, you have to give up one of your three trait slots right when the game starts. You also will be put into debt and have to pay 500 Credits a week. This can be worth it to many players, however, thanks to the ability to easily store contraband items.

How to pay your Dream Home mortgage

Once you visit your Dream Home for the first time, you’ll find out you owe 500 Credits already. This will give you access to the home for a week. Your Dream Home will be locked if you ever can’t pay the 500 Credits. Even more upsetting, these 500 Credits are not part of your 125,000 Credit debt, which you need to pay separately.

Visit the Landry at the bank to pay the mortgage, surrender the home to the bank, or pay the 500 Credit interest-only weekly charge. Keep in mind that if you give away the home, you’ll lose anything you stored or displayed inside.