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Starfield has proven a bit difficult for some players thanks to its complex gameplay and expansive world. But you can make it a lot easier with cheats and commands. If you want more resources and better travel options, check out these cheats and commands and you’ll be having a much easier time.

The best cheats in Starfield

There are hundreds of cheats for Starfield already — and the game isn’t even officially out yet! Here are the most useful.

  • tgm – Makes you invincible, grants infinite stamina, and unlimited ammo
  • player.additem [item id] [value] – Spawns the specified item in your inventory
  • tim – Prevents you from dying, but you’d still take damage
  • player.additem f [value] – Infinite money
  • player.additem a [value] – Infinite Digipicks
  • player.setlevel [value] – Lets you set your own character level
  • player.addperk [perk id] – Lets you add skills, traits, and backgrounds
  • psb – Unlocks all 24 powers in Starfield
  • kah – Kills all hostile NPCs in the vicinity
  • tdetect – Makes you undetectable by NPCs
  • tcai – NPCs will no longer target and attack you
  • player.paycrimegold 0 0 [faction id] – pay off bounties for a specific faction
  • tcl – This ghost mode allows you to move through walls and other objects
  • tfc – Activates freefly camera, allowing you to fly around
  • passtime [hours] – Passes the specified number of hours
  • showlooksmenu player 1 – Opens the character creator
  • tm – Toggles the UI on and off
  • setforcespeechchallengealwayssucceed 1 – Make all speech challenges automatically succeed
  • Sex change – Lets you return to the default gender
  • Kill – Lets you incapacitate and kill an NPC
  • Resurrect – Bring a target character back to life

How to activate cheats in Starfield

Want to use some of those useful cheats? It’s luckily easy to use these cheats on PC. Here’s how:

  1. Press the ~ (tilde) key to pause the game
  2. Press the ~ again, then E to remove the warning that pops up
  3. Open the console again
  4. Start entering commands, one at a time