StarCraft II IEM Katowice Ro24 group predictions: Who will survive?
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The Round of 76 for the StarCraft II IEM Katowice open bracket concluded just a few hours ago. There were some truly explosive matches, and even some surprises. If you missed any of it, be sure to check out our coverage of it. However, we can’t dwell too long on the past. After eliminating 52 players, we finally have our groups for the round of 24. Lets take an in-depth look at each one and review Daily Esports’ top picks for each group.

StarCraft II IEM Katowice

Group A

I found all the Protoss players; they’re hiding in Group A! I hope Special has been practicing his TvP, because he’s got a rough day ahead of him. While this group is populated with arguably the best Protoss players in the world, like Stats and Zest, I don’t think it’s impossible for Special to make it out of this gauntlet alive. Hero, Patience, and Zest are all very close in my eyes. In the explosive matchup of PvP, it is very hard for me to see a clear favorite out of those three. However, one of them will advance.

My top four for Group A consist of Special, Stats, Hero, And Zest.

Group B

After Group A, I think we’ll all be sick of PvP. Thankfully, Group B only offers one potential PvP match between Neeb and Trap. Out of those two, I believe Neeb has the better chance of surviving this group, but it won’t be easy. Dark is absolutely terrifying, and Maru is, well… Maru. Leenock, a StarCraft II veteran, cannot be counted out. However, I think the old Zerg might be outpaced by Lambo, who had an amazing year of StarCraft II in 2018.

My top four for Group B are Neeb, Dark, Maru, and Lambo.

Group C

Let’s just get it out of the way: Serral is going to advance out of this group without issue. While players like Innovation and Rogue could be significant roadblocks for the Finnish Zerg, he has previously proven that he can dismantle either player on any day. However, this can’t be said for the rest of the group’s participants. I fully expect Innovation and Rogue to lose to Serral but to clean up the rest of the group. Solar is no slouch, and he can easily trounce a player like Ragnarok. That being said, I don’t feel right ever completely counting out Gumiho. Don’t be shocked if he surprises us with some unexpected wins.

Serral, Innovation, Rogue, and Solar should all survive Group C. However, keep an eye on Gumiho…

Group D

This group breaks my foreigner heart. I don’t ever want to see Scarlett or uThermal booted from a StarCraft II tournament this early, but I think it’s extremely likely we lose one of them. It’s possible we could lose both of them, but I’m pulling hard for Thermy to make it through. TY and soO are both easily in the top 10 players on the planet right now, so I don’t think it’s likely either of them will fall this early. That only leaves one spot up for grabs, and I think it’s a toss-up between Bunny and Dear. I’m going to side with Dear here, but it’s really too close to call.

My top for for Group D are uThermal, TY, soO, and Dear. However, I’m praying my favorite Canadian surprises us all. Go, go, Scarlett!

The Round of 24 of IEM Katowice starts Thursday, Feb. 28 and concludes on March 1. Watch it live!

Do you have any predictions for the Round of 24, or IEM Katowice as a whole? Let me know in the comments!