Staples Canada teams up with Northern Arena for esports bootcamps
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Staples, which is known more for its office supplies then esports, has joined up with Northern Arena Bootcamps. The goal is to improve and helm the esports skills of children across Canada. It’s a very interesting partnership — although Staples sells computers, this is the first time the company has involved itself in anything esports-related. The new initiative will take place in various locations across Canada this month and August.

The CEO of Northern Arena, Carl Edwin-Michel, expressed his excitement to team up with Staples:

“Northern Arena is proud to work with Staples Canada to develop key gaming skills in the pros of tomorrow. Ontario and Quebec are both growing to be esports hot spots, and our bootcamps will be at the forefront of this growth.”

Indeed, all professional esports players have to start somewhere, and if you live in Canada, you might as well start now. These bootcamps should provide a great way to make helming an esports career fun yet challenging.

The details

Republic of Gamers by ASUS and Arozzi will serve the bootcamps’ official gaming hardware patrons. All participants attending will receive coaching from esports coaches and players. Aspiring pros will play on Republic of Gamers by ASUS computers, GL 12 GTX 1080 desktops, 24.5″ FHD 240Hz refresh rate XG258Q monitors, keyboards, mice, and headsets. Arozzi will also let them try out the latest in their line of gaming chairs and desks. A variety of exercises will be performed in games such as Fortnite, Overwatch, League of Legends, and Rocket League.

The first event will take place on July 27 in Kirkland, Quebec, followed by another event on August 3 in Laval, Quebec. Toronto’s event takes place on August 17, with the final one set in Oakville, Ontario on August 24. For more detailed information, head on over to the official site. There you can sign up and find out where the events are located. Registration is open now, so don’t wait! Hopefully, this will be the first of many successful partnerships between Staples and Northern Arena Bootcamps.