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After a competitive five-game series, Splyce is moving on to the next round of the EU LCS Regional Gauntlet after beating Misfits Gaming.

Any reasonable EU LCS fan would expect Misfits to be the favorite going into this matchup against Splyce. During the beginning of the regular season, Misfits were looking very good, even going on a nine-game winning streak. Yes, after a loss to Fnatic, they would come back to Earth rather hard. In fact, they would only win three more games in the last five weeks of the split. Therefore, this would be a good chance to catch them off-guard. They were also still trying to bounce back from their loss against Fnatic in the second round of the playoffs.

Meanwhile, Splyce wants to rise from their early exit from the playoffs against Schalke 04. They have been one of the more inconsistent teams of the EU LCS. They went 1-1 with most teams in Europe this regular split, even losing twice to bottom tier teams ROCCAT and GIANTS Gaming. Their strength lies in their ability to switch carries out through the mid and bottom lane. Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer and Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup both have the ability to step up for their team, and that it what happened today. However, they would go back and forth with Misfits throughout the series today.

An EU LCS Slugfest

Right from the beginning, no team could get the upper hand on their opponent. It would stay very close in terms of objectives and kills until a game-deciding fight would occur. For example, in game one, Splyce and Misfits would trade kills until a big fight around the bottom inhibitor turret of Misfits. Throughout that game, even though Splyce were leading in kills, Misfits were answering back with objectives, keeping the gold deficit to a minimum. However, Splyce would eventually take the game in 46 minutes.

Splyce would answer right back with a great game of their own, staying aggressive throughout the game. Their composition was very dive-oriented, with Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir on Zac and Nisqy on Akali. They would use this to great effect, pushing the tempo throughout the game. However, Misfits wouldn’t go down easily, continuously trading kills. In the end, it would be Xerxe collecting multiple members of Misfits that would seal the game. Splyce would end game two in 39 minutes.

A Kobbe Crackdown

Games three and five would present the ability of Splyce’s marksman, Kobbe. He was a huge factor in both games, as he would pump out enough damage to win very close team fights. Additionally, Splyce would stay aggressive throughout the five games. They would effectively keep Misfits on the back foot, and not allow them to get back into the game. Even in their victories, Misfits were looking shaky. For example, in game four, Misfits would start Baron after a teamfight win, only to realize they don’t have the health to fight for it. They would end up effectively leashing the Baron for Splyce.

It was a miracle that Misfits were even able to come back from the deficits they would put themselves in. However, in game five, Splyce would not take their foot off the gas pedal this time. It would be Kobbe again as the X-factor for the team, as he would seal a great series performance with a triple kill on Vayne to end the game. He was the standout player today, and so he would earn himself the Player of the Series honor.

What’s Next

For Misfits, their quest for Worlds ends here. They might need to do some tinkering with their lineup, as they are clearly lacking firepower in the roster. They cannot rely on Hans Sama to carry their team time and time again. On the other hand, Splyce will now move on to face G2 Esports in the second round of the EU LCS Regional Gauntlet. We will see if the Snakes can find a way to slither into the Regional Gauntlet Finals against Schalke 04.

What do you think about Splyce’s win against Misfits in the Regional Gauntlet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you want more EU LCS coverage, check us out here!