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This week during the final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct before launch next month, a few new surprises were revealed. Among them is a new mode, “Spirits Mode.” This adds to the already jam-packed roster of 74 different fighters whom you can pick from to duke it out competitively or with friends locally. What exactly caused all of these well-known fighters to lose their physical forms you may wonder? It was all revealed during an amazing cinematic trailer and an all-new story mode, which you can check out below.

Spirits Mode details

Spirits are essentially used to power up your fighter and also add other enhancements to it. There are two different types of spirits.

Primary: These are your main spirit guys and include well known and beloved favorites from past Super Smash Bros. games.

Support: You can equip these to your Primary spirit, and it will grant you extra benefits. Sometimes you can have up to three separate support slots at once.

How to unlock spirits

To unlock specific ones you will have to fight them one on one in a Spirit Battle, and it won’t be easy. Some are much harder than others to obtain, and you will have to probably come back to battle them time and time again before you beat them. You can also unlock them by combining “cores” you obtain from other spirits.

In battle

Think of these spirits as a different flavor of assist trophy that we have grown so fond of over the years. They will join your main fighter on the battlefield, supporting you using their specific powers and abilities. Spirits are also classified by types such as attack, grab, and shield. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can also train them up outside of battle to make them even more helpful.

There is not too much longer to wait now, Super Smash Bros. fans, as the game releases on Dec. 7, and you can even pre-load it now on your Switch if you buy it digitally. Also as an added bonus, you will receive Nintendo Points and the first DLC character Piranha Plant completely free.