Spaceship arrives in Apex Legends, likely hinting at Season 4
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Fans of Apex Legends are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 4, which releases Feb. 4. The leaks surrounding the possible new Legends, weapons, and attachments are building with each day. Meanwhile, level 500 players are simply hoping that Respawn fixes the bug that’s locking them out of their account. That aside, it appears Respawn is giving fans something else to be excited about leading up to the start of the season. As of yesterday, an apparent spaceship floats high in the World’s Edge sky. With just under two weeks until Season 4, this almost certainly revolves around an in-game event.

Spaceships in Apex Legends?

A couple of days ago we reported on leaks that suggested in-game events were happening this week. According to the leaks, the events will be split up into three phases that end a week after Season 4 releases. So, while not confirmed, this hints deeply at some kind of interactive event on the World’s Edge map.

Along with this, leaks claim that the current map in Season 3 will undergo dramatic changes. The spaceship currently suspended in the sky could certainly have something to do with this. We can see the spaceship thanks to Reddit user Chuzeeee.

Something is coming, but what else than season 4? from ApexLore

Of course, we don’t know for sure that the object is a spaceship. Although, there’s only so many things it could be, with spaceship the most likely. Much speculation has occurred in the community over what this could mean for Season 4. Some believe that the new season’s Legend, being Revenant or Forge, will drop down to the map from the spaceship. Others say that this will drastically change the World’s Edge map. We shall see soon if this ties in to the in-game event prior to Feb. 4.

What do you think the spaceship will bring? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all developments to this story!

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